How to get around the government websites blocked in Egypt

A.T. News Update: If you know anyone in Egypt, pass this on to them:
Egypt : To bypass government blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:
for twitter “”
for facebook “”


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Tiger Street Journal: Hyperinflation to hit the world

As we are only 24 days into 2011, a lot of countries are raising interest rates to combat rising food prices, capping anything to slow down a fatal bubble. During this article i will tell you which nations have raised interest rates already to combat inflation and what you can do about it.

Where is this orignating from you may ask? It all started with quantitative easing 2 by Ben Bernanke. What was his original goals for QE2? Create Jobs driving down unemployment supposedly 9.4% when it is still around 22 or 23 percent. But unfortunately it has done the opposite like create high or hyper-inflation, probably just as worse as the previous  2 terms called stagflation. What is stagflation? Stagflation is defined as persistent high unemployment and high inflation rate like food prices, oil prices like at $110 a barrel.  Have we had a case of stagflation?

Yes go back to the UK in the 1970’s when they have been the world’s reserve currency for nearly 200 years in the most of the18th, and 19th century until after world war II when America was forced to prop up Europe’s economy called the marshall plan. Of course financed by the American Taxpayer via our financial terrorists. But of course the UK pursued a socialist agenda and wanted to “spread the wealth around” orwellian term for plutocracy no it is actually kleptocracy! Of course the country was flat broke and the final crisis (i call it as marc faber said on cnbc about QE2) or the endgame was in 1967 when the the UK labour party (or the socialists) devauled their currency by 14% overnight to “make it easier to pay off the debts” well it is feeded the fire of making the people in the UK poorer and worse of all freeze all wages remember the winter of discontent in the 1970’s? Just follow the previous hyperlink and the latest link on UK in the 1970’s regarding about stagflation.

We had stagflation too here in the US (in fact it was global) in the 1970’s when oil prices skyrocketed and that is when we saw rationing of gas (meaning how many gallons of gas you can buy at one time). Also central banks used excessively stimulative monetary policy to counteract the resulting recession then depression then hyerpinflation that cause a big gap of prices and wages.

Which nations right now are facing high or hyper inflation and forced to raise interest rates and/or riots broke out on the streets?



South Korea

Hong Kong







Egypt and some more nations.


Why these nations you may ask?

We already know Tunisia’s situation food riots overthrows the former dictator Ben Ali and China to raise a lot of interest rates on times when the rest of China is not paying attention. South Korea that did happen 2 weeks ago same reasons food and energy. The ripple effect in Morrocco, Alergia, Egypt, etc. Already Egypt intercepted 59 tons of Gold in their airport prepping up for riots in their nation.

Why Brazil and Poland? Well recently they were forced to raise interest rates because of high food and energy costs and it will be 1970’s all over again and related link to brazil on bloomberg news.

Bangladesh the third time in january the stock market crashed on high food inflation worries.

Jakarta fell 12% in just 11 trading total days because of the same reason high food inflation.

These nations some not listed on this page were featured in business insider’s article on 25 nations that will be crushed with high food inflation.

Links see here

Who will face either high or hyperinflation or stagflation (or already has)?

UK According to a telegraph article this has been going on since the 1970’s and once again it is going to kick up again in the UK.

USA will get stagflation eventually it will lead to hyperinflation. According to Shadow Government Stats by John Williams high inflation has been there before Obama got even into office and unemployment was obviously high. The only thing they count is who is on unemployment benefits. In fact it already had their share of stagflation and we barely got out of stagflation with killer legislations like NAFTA, GATA, etc.

Look at these stats we are still having high inflation even before the financial crisis started and unemployment rate.


and the CPI in the photo gallery

source: via john williams on

What is contributing all of the inflationary preventative measures? Quantitative Easing 2. On this page i also said it will exacerbate the debt bubble. So far it has and the bernanke experiment is working it was intended to drive down unemployment boost stock prices, drive up interest costs and create many deathly bubbles including food and energy bubbles not to mention debt.


What will happen in the long run? Many food riots around the world. Also reported mainstream media outlets like fox news reporting food famine to happen in the US. It is getting hardcore.

The solutions i can’t gurantee anyone will get out of the major crisis unharmed but you will be 1000 times better than someone who didn’t take my advice or a REAL person’s advice.

1) stock up now

2) put your money in a offshore account that is gold and silver you don’t have to report to the government.

3) ammo up crimewaves to be on the rise.

4) have your escape plan and get off the grid.

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