Tiger Street Journal: Silver at $34 an ounce! I am a buyer! (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE AND SHARE IF POSSIBLE)

Why did i say “silver is at $34 an ounce. I am a buyer!”. The reasons: (2 simple reasons) 1) Viva La Revolution or New World Order work? 2) HYPERINFLATION. The first reason why viva la revolution or New World Order work? Well first if you have been watching the revolutions from Tunisia, Egypt. Now Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, etc. Governments have been shutting down internet service to deter protests from organizing, leak it to the outside world. But unfortunately it has spread to the states that is now Wisconsin. Indiana, Tennessee, New York and other states will follow. The people have to realize that not just the unions are the problem but the banking occupation like Goldman Sachs. Headline: “Fed dictator Bernanke needs to be toppled” Paul B. Farrell said in an editorial. “Bernanke is the most dangerous man on earth than Mubarak” -Paul B. Farrell said. I couldn’t agree with him more, Obama is just a sideshow, the Fed, and the big banking kleptocrats are the big people that the people in the world need. Yeah Farrell could have been accused of slander but the global banking insurrection is getting known far and wide. So there is nothing wrong  this statement. Is the revolution really REAL or the work of the old world order criminal element? There are a lot of angles to attack from including the banking cartel insurrection point of view. But we have to take on the criminal element too to get a bigger picture view of where the revolution is going. Let’s name 3 things are the criminal element of the old world order work by possibly toppling the middle east into pieces the last stop will be iran and more. (why silver will go to the moon and the rest of the currencies will topple)!

]1) George Soros- Yesterday on CNN he admitted himself that he controls what Obama does. Why do you think Obama didn’t intervened on Egypt right away. This is all being orchestrated by the CIA, well basically OWO criminals. Yes Soros admitted of trying and crashing the Euro on RT

2) CIA- Well this is no shock the CIA has been up to their dirty tricks by using mob rule like they did in Egypt, Color Revolution in Tunisia, and more. It is so obvious what dirty tricks they do and of course the US has blood in their hands. There is a lot of ways they can divide and conquer the masses (doesn’t matter if the neo-liberals or neo-cons in charge), it is just to see which party or type of people who can destroy sovereignty first. The end result will be of course topple Iran.

3) Cass Sunstein- Of course Obama’s Regulatory Czar who wants to shut down free speech. According to investigative journalist Webster Tarpley which he has been right on this: Wikileaks is another sham. I found out according to the blog of “in case of the bird flu” it has been admitted that Assange has strong connections to the rothschilds family. Then according to Webster Tarpley: “In this predicament, the CIA’s cyberspace predator drone Julian Assange and Wikileaks are providing an indispensable service to the imperialist cause. In Iceland in the autumn of 2009, Assange was deployed by his financier backers to hijack and disrupt a movement for national economic survival through debt moratorium, the rejection of interference by the International Monetary Fund, and re-launching the productive economy through an ambitious program of national infrastructure and the export of high technology capital goods, in particular in the field of geothermal energy. Assange was able to convince many in Iceland that these causes were not nearly radical enough, and that they needed to devote their energies instead to publishing a series of carefully pre-selected US government and other documents, all of which somehow targeted governments and political figures which London and Washington had some interest in embarrassing and weakening. In other words, Assange was able to dupe honest activists into going to work for the imperialist financiers. Assange has no program except “transparency,” which is a constant refrain of the US UK human rights mafia as it attempts to topple targeted governments across the developing sector in particular.” I agree every wikileaked document is carefully selected by the CIA, Sunstein, and other governments. They go after people that we already knew like Ben Ali, and America backed Egyptian Rebels. Links see here   http://tarpley.net/2011/02/18/mubarak-toppled-by-cia-because-he-opposed-us-plans-for-war-with-iran/

They are here to dupe the youth BIG TIME! Like Tarpley said also the justin bieber for the new generations nihilists. Libya revolution claims 400 people and more violence in the middle east is making silver, gold, and oil went up $5 today! Here is a tweet from Gerald Celente: “Gold @ $1401. Starting to look & feel like 1978. Just 1 major geopolitical crisis could destroy phony recovery. As I said: Gold $2000!” Yeah take a look at silver jumping 5% today to almost $34 an ounce.  Yes China is trying to stamp out the jasmine revolution well CIA revolution. Another Communist Country. It is going to spread like wildfire. Which will lead to the next reason why i am a buyer of silver of course hyperinflation! We all know the death of the dollar is happening and also another currencies around the world like the Euro, the Yen, etc. A video from Damon Vicker a big video i really like this video on the day after the dollar crashes the rise of the new world order. This is really real going on. Hyperinflation is what is causing the revolutions in the middle east. Oh it will spread to Europe, Asia, now the US. For the link see here That is why i am a buyer revolutions around the world and hyperinflation! If you can’t get enough of my articles follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages), fcuk the new world order, goldman sachs are financial terrorists (2nd edition), www.minuteone.us, and my blog page at project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger until then bye all! =)

Note: This article was written on facebook on February 21, 2011.


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