Tiger Street Journal: America’s Debt Crisis avoids shutdown; HARDEST PARTS YET TO COME (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE AND SHARE)

I want to come out and say this on my newest article on the Tiger Street Journal, that i have been saying this for almost 8 months now. The debt bubble is going to be one of the fatal bubbles to burst, there are many bubbles that have yet to burst! Immediately when the new year started an article from William Pesek called Bubbles Galore Will Make 2011 A Year To Remember”


The article on facebook and on project.nsearch.com i said the debt bubble will burst here 4 times


There are so many bubbles including the debt bubble, the credit bubble 2.0, the derivatives bubbles ($1.5 quadrillion blackhole), and geo-political events. Oh yes one major event will officially kill the phony US economic recovery! Already here it is around 22.5-30% depends on which angle you attack from shadowstats.com OR add that when the troops are serving around the world.

I just love how the media is portraying the jobs report today to be so great the unemployment rate is down to 8.9% with 198k jobs created. BUT since the Bureau of Labor Statistics lies a lot by using the birth death adjustment model this month was 112k last month, there are a lot of biases it is very hard to have accurate job data but of course it is manipulated to make the people sit down and shut up to say oh the economy is recovering, the Dow Jones Industrial is at 12000. It is going good! LIES! As long as the fed continue to flood the system with digital money not worth anything the food and energy prices are going up, so will gold and silver and dollar will crash for good. If you take out the birth death model it will only be less than 80k jobs created. In February’s Jobs Report only 36k jobs were created but of course if you take out the BLS biases we lost over 300k jobs in February! The BLS birth death model was -339k! add that this is what you get! The civilian labor participation rate the people who are working in the labor force is still at a 25 year low. The unemployment rate is now 22.1% SGS not the 8.9% from the media or 15,9% broadest.

Marc Faber is right to say Bernanke and the BLS are liars. Yeah they are total snakes!




credit to john williams of shadow government stats.

Already in 5 states in the US are in serious turmoil including Michigan and California.

On Thursday, college students got their voices heard when they protested on the ledge in the U.C of Berkley in California when college students were outraged at massive austerity measures that will be enacted including hikes in tuition, etc

However of course the demands were not met and this is just the beginning of the schools fraud unveiled aka the education bubble that will burst.

Today more austerity measures in Detroit, Michigan has been announced as state aid to college students will be cut 21% not 15%. More money to the bankers! More money to the white shoe boys of wall street.

some pictures to go along with this see here


credit: SF chronicle students on the ledge of UC berkley


credit to the detroit news

Now fast forward to today, according to the US debt clock in real time the debt today is around 14.209 trillion only 85 billion to burst the debt bubble of $14.294 trillion. But keep in mind remember it is always higher almost 15-50 times worse than it appears. Our debt in our country is around $200 trillion and counting remember banking swindles, wars, etc.

For the real time US debt clock see here

According to a CNN article written on March 2nd 2011, they got a temporary lifeline to keep it opened for another 2 weeks until March 18th, 2011. All the politicians are doing is just kicking the can down the road until it is too late and basically US is already on life support, China of course can pull the plug on us anytime.

The Hardest Parts are this

1) how to deal with the federal crisis when you are fighting 2 wars in 3 places (Afghanistan, 1/2 for Iraq, and 1/2 for CIA predator drones in Pakistan)

2) States Crisis like Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, etc.

3) There are ALSO 5 bubbles out there (housing 2.0, credit 2.0, derivatives, bailout, AND market bubbles) There is almost NO WAY they will be able to get out of this mess ALIVE!

The solution to cut our debt that our politicans will not discuss:

1) End NAFTA and GATT

2) End the Fed

3) Arrest every wall street gang member and prosecute them fully (Also go after the gatekeepers like Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, etc)

4) Bring all the troops home

5) End the CIA, throw out everyone in the FBI and get in NEW and REAL agents who will protect this country, etc.

The solutions for you

1) Gold and Silver swiss franc are the safest plays (inflationary stocks like gold and silver stocks OK)

2) At least 6 months of food storage

3) AMMO up!

4) Get out of the big cities! Map out a plan

5) The Items i mentioned on here and project.nsearch.com on 100 items to disappear first for the link see here


That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Until then bye all! =)


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