Tiger Street Journal: I told you so! No Fly Zone=War in Libya! (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE AND SHARE)

Flashback: The Japanese Nuke Fallout Smokescreens cover-up story

Can I say another victory to the Tiger Street Journal website? Can i say another ace by me? Can i say I am vindicated? In just one day when i wrote the article called "Tiger Street Journal: The Japanese Nuke Fallout smokescreens cover-up story (PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE)", I said we were going to Libya after i explained about how John Kerry another neo-liberal with big connections to financial terrorists and being another breed of the evil triumvirate colleges of Yale. The other 2 evil colleges are Harvard and Princeton. This is unbelievable! Like I have been saying it doesn’t really matter which party you choose to vote for they stand behind the flag and the elite that control them. It is a 2 headed evil system. The politicians give you the illusion that you have the freedom of choice. YOU DON’T! They own you! The real owners of this country, the wealthy business owners like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, etc. For that let’s start off another George Carlin on "Who Really Controls America". It is the white shoe boys of wall street! Another Gerald Celente saying.



Now let’s get into the story on the official confirmation of UN giving the Green Light to the No Fly Zone. Remember Obama got the Nobel Prize for peace efforts. What a joke!

The George Orwell from the book "1984" saying

"War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Bless"

Does this apply to today’s world?

The answer is obvious, only the blind will not see this. Do i have to spell it out for you? YES!

Remember the Tiger Woods Sex Scandal in November 2009? Remember the Multiple affairs? Remember the accident that opened the floodgates of hell?

Remember the cover-up story?

Obama announced we are going to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan in November 2009. The price tag $34 billion. Amazing? More troops, more money, more progress! PLEASE THIS IS A LIE! We haven’t won a war since World War II. Here is a saying from Gerald Celente "America is made up of bullets, bombs, and banks". As long as more troops are being deployed overseas and come home with missing limbs, disease, etc. The banks will be making a lot of money from wars, we are fighting 2 wars now let’s make it 3 after today. Note: Afghanistan is a full war, Pakistan is a half because of the CIA predator drones, and Iraq still deployment with some troops still there.

In my last article from the Japanese Nuke Fallout I mentioned The Middle East matter all nothing but a domino effect for the old world order completion. Now the US wants a no-fly zone but now the UN wants it in Libya but of course at the time where Gaddafi is closing in Benghazi. Of course the reason why it took so long is because they is not much oil. Everything is all about money! It is not about religion this is so elementary. But the protesters from last weekend in Times Square want a no fly zone. This is an act of war that will just spike Barry Soetoro’s rating. He is the old world order puppet. He doesn’t care about you or your family, he cares for only the top 1%!


Protesters from the "peace" Libya rally last Saturday wanted a No Fly Zone to bomb Gaddafi. But no fly zone means civilian casualties as well. Have they thought of that?

The picture see here


2 weeks ago Ron Paul said "No Fly Zone is an act of war" It is an act of war!

Youtube video see here

John Kerry is probably celebrating this victory of the no fly zone. This is such a disgrace!

To the story that has been making it. Almost 2 weeks ago, 8 SAS troops from the UK were captured by Libyan Rebels in an attempt to overthrow Gaddafi, not so bright. The air strike not another bright idea but more excuses to bomb the hell out of another country. In fact the US has a history of bombing brown people, (It is not racism, this is a fact). Here is a George Carlin clip of "We Like War" to prove my point video see here

Fast forward to today. The UN security Council voted in favor to allow air strikes to halt Muammar Gaddafi’s offensive against embattled rebel forces in Libya, with the first bombing raids expected shortly. That is starting in a few hours. 10 nations voted in favor of the no fly zone, no one voted against it. But 5 nations abstained from the vote. They are China, Russia, India, Brazil, and Germany. Susan Rice the US ambassador to the UN is nothing but a disgrace putting on an oscar winning speak full of double speak!!

Already according to the London Telegraph of course obvious UK troops are preparing for War in Libya. When will the people ever listen to me that the Japanese Nuke Fallout is a distraction for this and the big banks like Goldman Sachs to benefit their murderous regime of funding wars! Finally Alex Jones you have admitted to the words i was going to say, 1 week late!

links see here


One more thing before i can wrap this up where is the outrage of the predator drones attack up 134% and today’s latest predator drone attack where 38 supposedly Pakistani Militants were killed.

link see here


That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am available on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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