Tiger Street Journal: The Japanese Nuke Fallout smokescreens cover-up story (PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE)

While the world is watching the possibly of the big Japan Nuclear Fallout could result in Explosion. Already there is a lot of disinformation and over hyping about the Nuke Fallout, I have no trust in the US media or Japanese Media at all. I am staying out of all the disinformation until i can get some traction on what is the full story going on.

Anyways before i can get to the news cover-ups today, let me name you 3 MAJOR distractions that are really making Americans so dumb! (NO PUN INTENDED) and some 3 minor ones.

1. The obvious answer is the Japan Nuke “Fallout”

2. March Madness Basketball starts tomorrow. Here in NYC, the locals are watching 2 schools in the NCAA basketball tournament. They are St. John’s in Fresh Meadows, NY and Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. Meanwhile Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is talking about his “Barack-etology” NCAA final four. Alex Jones today was ranting on this issue about his arrogance but I know the Japan Nike Fallout is nothing but a smokescreen (barking from the wrong tree anyone?). A distraction from the big issue of the global banking cartel swindling us dry!

The videos see below


Obama’s NCAA picks who cares!
AJ blowing off steam on Obama’s final four picks


3. NFL labor strike

This is so obvious, people are obsessed with football and baseball. With no contract, nothing to keep us dumbed down.

As George Carlin would say in the comedian clip on “Fat People” (no pun intended) “It is just f**king dandy”.

4. Saint Patrick’s Day

5. Charlie Sheen Watch

6. Lindsey Lohan Watch

Now here we go with the top cover-up stories today:

I) The Global Debt Crisis particularly in the US and Europe.

1. Yesterday right here, I mentioned that congress has approved another temporary spending bill that contained $6 billion in spending cuts. The final tally was 271-158 with 186 republicans in favor of it. Yesterday i called it peanuts because this was not enough to stop the BIG BALLOONING of the big debt load. The total in this country including bailouts $200 trillion plus. The total US debt jumped $72 billion in one day. We had a $166 billion debt increase in one day last year.

According to the CNS news article “At the close of business on Monday, according to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Public Debt, the total national debt stood at $14.166 trillion ($14,166,030,787,779.80). At the close of business Tuesday, the debt stood at $14.237 trillion ($14,237,952,276,898.69), an increase of $71.9 billion ($71,921,489,118.89)”. ONE WORD: OUCH!

Update 1: The senate has approved another 3 week spending plan now at President Obama’s desk right now.

2. Portugal credit downgrade

Moody’s credit agency downgrades Portugal from A+ to A- rating on “subdued growth and high governmental borrowing costs”. The higher yields with 7% yields is a lot. They should have been downgraded a long time ago like every EU nation but when the next financial crisis hits, they will say “oops, we made major mistakes”. One word: LIAR! The credit agencies all knew what were they doing.

Now they are in a race against time for a bailout! Here we go again! The bailout bubble will burst really soon!

II. Economic Data

1. Inflation

A. The producer price index was reported to be at 1.6% total strip out food and energy the core 0.2%. Food and Energy was a respectively combined 7.2%. But yes the Federal Reserve on Tuesday did not mention inflation because they want to make sure there is hyperinflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics always continue to lie on inflation, the real inflation number is about 5-8%. Like we said there will be plenty of food to go around. The problem: the food price is just too high.

Food 3.9% Energy 3.3%

B. The consumer price index today was 0.5% strip out food and energy 0.2%. Another lie. same theory 5-8%.

This doesn’t create a big picture, this is what the federal reserve wants you to see just one element that is just a bunch of garbage in and garbage in!


2. Housing Data

The housing data just proves one more reason why the housing market has already crashed 80-90 but they just are starting to admit it 1-3 years after the fact and there is no housing building. Housing starts fell 22.5% to 479,000 units last month compared 618,000 in January.  Just comes to show you how the economic data is being twisted, you do not have to be a journalist, or economist to see the bigger dick economic policy theory at work!


III. Middle East

1. The Middle East matter all nothing but a domino effect for the old world order completion. Now the US wants a no-fly zone but now the UN wants it in Libya but of course at the time where Gaddafi is closing in Benghazi. Of course the reason why it took so long is because they is not much oil. Everything is all about money! It is not about religion this is so elementary. But the protesters from last weekend in Times Square want a no fly zone. This is an act of war that will just spike Barry Soetoro’s rating. He is the old world order puppet. He doesn’t care about you or your family, he cares for only the top 1%!


Pictures from the rally on Saturday


Ron Paul said no intervention in Libya. Do not intervene in Libya or else!


you heard it first!

Remember John Kerry said intervene in Libya to Barry Soetoro let’s get real, the war fever pitch so the people can get conned again to rally around Soetoro.


2. Bahrain Watch

Saudi Arabia is now in Bahrain right now basically putting Bahrain in lockdown martial law basically. Saudi Arabia has we know is one of the world’s oil producer and exporters. The US will definitely go into Saudi Arabia if the people realize the Global Banker Occupation. THAT IS FOR SURE! Already activists detained on the streets of Bahrain and deaths being reported. This is just going to continue.



IV. Global Currency

1. Yes my friends this has been on the table for a long long time! No one has to tell you that for sure. Tim Geithner admitted yes we will have a global currency. Geithner as been saying this for a while. It is not off the table because it is going to come, the whole world is ready to bailout a bust, they are just trying to do it without losing in their investments.

2. The US dollar weakening vs major currencies

At one point yesterday the dollar vs the Japanese Yen fell to historic 16 year low of 76.25 yen meaning it can buy you 76.25. Now it is at 78.72 but still surpass the 79.95 set in 1995 after the Kobe Earthquake. The Yen strengthen as well as the Swiss Franc one of my good plays during the next major crisis unravels dollar vs. Swiss franc now fell to 0.9197. More safety plays besides Gold, Silver, Palladium, etc. the Swiss franc at 3 year highs.

Links see here


That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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