Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis part 3 Comedy Skit

After all the articles i have written explaining, why the global debt crisis is getting worse in a really serious matter. I figured why don’t I do a comedy skit on economic terrorism today. Most of you know i do a lot of articles on the economy.

How do I view today’s US economy (besides war and bombing the shit out of country especially if your country is full of brown people)? Today’s economy I see it is made of 7 cheeseburgers and a side order of fries. What does 7 cheeseburgers and fries equate to? (let’s not forget the aspartame!)




*Snaps fingers* You got yourself a nice fucking snooki stupid!

Now speaking of Snooki, let’s say that if every American were ought to watch the Jersey Shore every Thursday at 10 pm on MTV. How much money will it do to pay each episode to fight off a $200 trillion dollar debt problem in the US? What should the name of MTV channel ought to be? Mostly Trash Viewing channel because everything you see is nothing is brainwashing wannabees making themselves look good and getting arrest whenever it supports the partying up culture.

Here is another show that the US economy is made of, The wannabees that has a brain sized that is like the mind of Snooki or worse a pea sized brained then you have a false idol that they idolized like Lady Gaga. Geeze fucking christ!




The Theme Song of American Idol



Geeze fucking christ! Worse part is imagine if an individual is singing a song that you loved when you were young and really leaves a bitter pill to swallow. You know about that shit? yeah yeah! They do them now.

Imagine if that was all the things that can generate the mostly trash viewing channel with all the revenue. They will still need to generate another $180 plus trillion to cover more stupidity knockoff shows. They can’t get enough! It is like someone *does fart sound* dumping more stupid shows at your face and then your body smell like a sewer. Geeze louis! Time for a febreeze or spray at their eyes to blind them. Hollywood or not, the real owners want you dumbed down and obedient, that is what they want all the day so they can benefit their own interest and criminal friends on wall street.

Speaking of economics (now we are shifting to wall street), there is a special type of bullshit that has been placing hold on our country in the last 100 plus years, It is called financial terrorism. What is the definition of financial terrorism? It is this obsessive money junkies that can’t get enough of moola. This obsessive devotion to money! Even the simple act of passing it down to the bottom 99% has been taken away.

I am going to do a demonstration of the slinky (Free Market Capitalism vs Financial terrorism capitalism) to prove the real financial terrorists in this country compared that to FDR with the glass-steagall act. I have a slinky in my hands. *You hold the slinky on both sides with both hands horizontally. Move your hands up and down while that is happening* Then I say this is an example of winners and losers, risks/rewards, profits/losses. This was supposed to have fair competition. But of course you have the Rothschild control federal reserve, then the existence of Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Citigroup, *does the slinky now holding the bottom end of on the left hand, and letting the other end of the slinky go to my left hand* We got your money sucker! OHHHHHH SLAVEEEEE!!!!!! *AFTER LETTING GO OF THE SLINKY* OF COURSE

Here is an example of the slinky from the Keiser Report Episode 134 you will get the point

This is what we have in our country today, The real owners like the kings, queens, oligarchy, Rothschild, big bankers on wall street to UK, etc, controlling 80% of what we do. How do they get there?

Of course conditioning school! From kindergarten, elementary where it encourages victimization! Then from middle school then High School. Of course training how to be a suicide banker and lie all the time. Then college this is where i am GETTING BIG PROBLEMS! The neo-liberal or the neo-con model whatever you may think is being shove up by the red, white, and blue dick up our asses everyday pounded to learn a certain degree of lying and terrorizing.

Our kids are sent to snooki bootcamp, science bootcamp, or suicide bombing/martyrs bootcamp, whatever the fuck that is? Martyrs bootcamp isn’t that where all the ivy leaguers go? You know? OH!

Here is another ordeal, a lot of people will say a college degree will get you a lot of money, and get you a nice piece of living and a chance to be like the top 1% of the pyramid. As if to convince themselves that a college degree will get you a lot of money (then masters), and i kept saying FUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK YOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! A college degree will not translate to a nice salary. Have you taken a look at this country today with 22% and these pigs at the top can’t get enough it is almost like someone is telling you slow down on the GMO big macs or you will get a heart attack. Well it happened.

I really love how these politically correct ideas crash and burn in the shithouse. Then just inject more drugs to feed their agenda. And hey that may get you a place in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award. Or should I say Time magazine’s scumbag of the year. Look at everyone from Zionist CIA Darpa program Mark Zuckenberg, Obama, Bernanke. Everyone i see on time magazine is a financial terrorist in someway well except JFK was on time magazine

but he was there for a good cause of course said it for the wrong reasons for beating Nixon. HOW ABOUT having a REAL PRESIDENT FOR A CHANGE!


Then you begin to wonder about the people that on a time magazine, Here is what i think of? Forget Time Magazine. You know what they should be on? A Pin-Up Girl on PLAYBOY magazine! Then "and (you) be like wow look at her "she looks like shes fucking everybody!"

"we have to continously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he’" My friend Ashford Miner. I give a lot of credit with ideas like these.

No wonder  my friend Suzanne Mchenry told me, the national emblem of this country ought to be a condom because the governments that are being controlled by major corporations shoves their own national colors dick up your asshole everyday! As George Carlin once said "Then beat you over the head in what do believe, what to think. The real owners of this country know it. It is called the American Dream and you have to be asleep to believe it".

Next comedy skit: We love war!

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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