Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis Series: Old World Order Severe Quickening Syria and Uganda unrest (PLEASE REPOST)

Articles on the Global Debt Crisis Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 Comedy Skit

The last time I wrote a very critical piece on the Global Debt Crisis article with a little humor before my comedy skit was when the S&P credit rating agency downgraded the US into a "Negative" outlook continuation and the Dollar under attack. I included Bernanke as a Pin-Up Girl on a playboy magazine. God it is awful if you put it on there because you would see Bernanke with a lot of hair on her legs (remember in my comedy skit Forget Time Magazine’s influential person of the year award. You know what Bernanke were ought to be on A pin up girl on a playboy magazine "we have to continuously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he’" as my friend Ashford Miner told me.

Shifting gears, now you know this week I have to say; this was probably one of the most * plays the George Carlin P***Y Farts sounds from the 2005 show: "Life Is Worth Losing"*, When you play the clip from Youtube from 0:55 to 1:10, the loud fart sounds telling you how bad this week turned out! EVEN though I was at Ron Paul Booksigning in NYC for the new book Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom Monday as you see in these pictures


ME and GiGi Bowman! =)

Tuesday I was on break all day in Coney Island Beach.

Wednesday: Jersey City, NJ.

Thursday and Friday "Normal" Operation until now.

My album on Ron Paul day see here on my facebook profile


The Video Clip From George Carlin’s Show "Life Is Worth Losing" in 2005 see here 

From Obama’s Birth Certificate, The Criminal Federal Reserve "transparency" meeting, Dollar Collapsing to now Uganda falling to the Grasp of the Old World Order Domino Effect and Syria too.

Here is my take on the Obama Birth Certificate:

3 things that stands out:

1) This is a distraction from the REAL problems like the Debt Bubble that will burst in 10 or 11 days or less from the US public debt point of view. If that was not on the US debt clock now, we would not be talking on this now. In fact, We would have seen a total collapse.

2) The Birth Certificate in the Picture is NOT REAL. I will prove it with my flawless logic! But Let’s say it did for people who rollover on command after seeing it on the news. If it was real, then what about his presidency so far in review? Has he done anything to jail the bankers? End all wars? Stop the criminal federal reserve? What about the people on his staff? What about the new Obama healthcare legislation? Hmmmm, It doesn’t look too good. He has expanded all wars including Afghanistan, now Pakistan with Predator Drones, we are still in Iraq with contractors, Now we are in Libya. It is not a humanitarian crisis. It is all about Sweet Crude Oil the most valuable on the planet as Gerald Celente points out.

Link see here

3) The race card SPLC, ADL will protect him at all costs.

Now let’s prove the Birth Certificate as a fraud WITH LOGIC!

In 2008, the pictures I will post on this article NPR has admitted that Obama was born from Kenya as He was running for president.

Photos see here and the Article to prove it

and the article from world net daily


The things that disgust me the most when i looked at the birth certificate, It was "Certified" on April 25, 2011. That was Monday the same day I was at Ron Paul day in NYC.

Second: There is no embossed stamp. An embossed stamp as in someone stamps the institution from the hospital on documents like birth certificate like you and me has or you paying for college into a degree of worthlessness.

THIS IS an embossed stamp!

Third do you see the number of the 1 It is probably the original number but the numbers from the "61 1064" It is deliberately either photoshopped by some expert or cut and paste from some document from another birth certificate and THEN COPIED IT. We are not sure. But as you see the picture with my Friend Thomas Barrett thank you for letting me use this as evidence and thank you Suzanne Mchenry too for helping me. Here is the White House link and picture


You can see the circle areas where the forgery spots are indicated it.

Full article on this


The thing I said it well on facebook was Obama’s Birth Certificate is just as authentic as the economic (make that stock market), obamacare, his staff, and everyone else! MEANING IT IS FAKE! *Does more of the Fart Sound*

Then another distraction the royal wedding!

What is also really bad is that the date coincided with the Hitler wedding anniversary!


Another pop and circumstance dumb down the public! IT IS SICKENING!

Now let’s get into the hardcore news:

The Feds first "transparency" meeting: What it just did was created another bubble as i pointed it out for months called the Dow Bubble, besides the "Fiat" Bubble, Debt Bubble, Derivatives bubble, etc.  Fiat is broken down to the "dollar" bubble. As I pointed it out there will be a day of reckoning for the investors and traders on Wall Street because all of them are flight to the Dow 30 stocks. Which I called it the biggest mistake as Art Cashin mentioned on CNBC a flight to the Dow but NOT a mistake. I know it is because you own a stock but will it be worth in value when the dollar crashes?

Gold at all time highs now at $1557. Gold will go to $2000 easily!

Silver at $48.58. $50 not too far off the mark.

Both Gold and Silver were up at least 4% for the week. Silver the winner up over 10%!

Now to Syria and Uganda falling to the Old World Order.

Now Syria has been a few weeks older than Uganda BUT nonetheless still falling to the old world order. It was triggered after 40 years of lifting Emergency Draconian Laws these protests. But of course the US does back up dictators around the world. Then last week 13 people were killed after Syrian Troops fired on funerals.

The hypocrisy could not be any clear as the US claimed Iran provided control crowds equipment to Syria which is not true when the US supplied them to the Mubarak Regime.

Also we got to consider high food and energy prices that is driving the protests around the world.

That is no different now in Uganda in East Africa. 2 weeks into the protests, It has turned violent as the protests were triggered by skyrocketing food and energy prices.2 killed, more than 120 wounded and around 360 arrested. Women and girls have been among those beaten, according to witnesses from the London Guardian.

One may ask "Who or what caused this to happen?"

The answer is the federal reserve and Quantitative Easing 2. But you will ask why? First everything is priced in US dollars. You know food, oil, etc. In foreign countries if you want to trade anything you have to exchange it from your currency TO OUR CURRENCY!

Second Quantitative Easing 2 or i call it money printing triggered the fall of Mubarak or Egyptian Revolution from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen. Now it has spread to Vietnam, Nicaragua, Ukraine, UK, Greece, parts of the US. Now add them to the list! QE2 only boosted up stock prices, pushed the dollar to the official point of no return. BUT DOESN’T address employment, debt, etc.

As i have been pointing it out months, This will drag now to the "1st Great War of the 21st Century" as Gerald Celente said it OR WW III from my standpoint.

Live updates on the Uganda Unrest see here


Where is the US coverage on this?

No media coverage = No oil.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

Go into gold and silver cheap while you can! ALSO FOOD STORAGE!!! Ammo as well!

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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