Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis severe quickening part 2: Dollar under attack. (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE, IF POSSIBLE)

Part 1 of the Global Debt Crisis S&P downgrade

The Global Debt Crisis has really quickening over this week as S&P downgrades US debt outlook as negative not because the infrastructure is broken but the banks are really strong??!!! REALLY the system is broken. It is like the plumbing system. The plumbing system is broken. What do you do? fix the damn plumbing system even if it means replacing an old system and replacing it with a new system. All the federal reserve does is print this digital money out of thin air and pretend money as in water. The federal reserve loves it when money/water comes out of the sink and plenty of it! While the average individual in an household his or her basement gets flooded and then the flood comes out of their basement into the rooms and boom property is destroyed for good! That is what the federal reserve wants homeless people, and throw them off rooftops!

Another George Carlin clip to start off basically the same clip from Part 1 of the Global Debt Crisis series stories on "Who Really Controls America"

Just today, I was going through my economic news stacks already i just saw the dollar index chart it fell to $73.74 meaning I can buy a US dollar (one dollar for only $.73 worth of stuff. What could a dollar get you nowadays………not much except maybe a NY daily newspaper Monday through Friday ($.50). This is the lowest level since March 2008. Here is an interday chart it broke at $73.74 at 5:27 am eastern time.

Image provided via CNBC

And here is a picture/chart of the Dollar since the federal reserve’s existence.

the dollar chart

Today Gold closed at $1505.70, Silver closed at $46.61. Like I said the dollar index plummeted to a 3 year low. It fell versus all the major currencies Euro, Yen, Swiss, Franc, etc. Of course the Dow Jones Industrial Average went up today of course all the investors are going to the Dow Jones as a safety? REALLY? You mean any of the Dow Jones 30 stocks. Boy i see anyone who went in there will get suckered big time when the dollar collapses and a stock is absolutely worthless!

Link see here


The dollar further weakness by the Federal Reserve and of the old world order elite will drive gas to $6 a gallon. Bernanke said it is Transitory, he is a liar! He is the pinup girl of an ugly dumb image. If i looked at him as a pin-up girl GOD HELP me with a lot of hair on Bernanke’s Legs and just as Blankfein of Goldman Sachs if he was on there. Of course CNBC has no credibility because they grobble down to these scums!


Meanwhile MSM news is projecting that Gold could rise to $1700 an ounce by 2015. REALLY? Try sometime this year and Gold to be at $2000. As Gerald Celente said "It is a very simple formula: The more digital money they (the fed) kept printing, the higher gold goes". Already it did just that $1500. $1700 is not too far off.


Of course, there has been talk of a new world currency by Angela Merkel of Germany and Nick Sarkozy of France, and China for a while.

How is going to happen besides the Federal Reserve or Who is going to do this as well?

George Soros. How?

Remember in Bretton Woods in New Hampshire about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Even though of course there was little media coverage, this has been a significant event for Americans for years!

Who else will attack the Dollar?

The International Monetary Fund or IMF, they already terrorized all nations except Iceland and the last stop will be the US of course it will be!

IF you do invest in gold and silver, here is one suggestion Marc Faber would tell you. Do not leave it in your home or in any major bank vault. It is a robbery and labeled as a domestic terrorist label waiting to happen!

From my last article and CNBC links

"Be your own ‘central’ bank" as in be self sufficient and put all your money in gold, silver, and a little bit on cash. BUT Faber also advised to his people to put it offshore as in vaults other than the US because the US authorities will discover it and arrest you on the spot. This is what is happening now.

Story see here


Remember the North Carolina man who was arrested for making his own silver currency? You know how attorneys, secret agents, etc protects the crime bosses, they don’t want you to be protect when the real SHTF!

If you own gold and silver (even making your own) you are a domestic terrorist.

If you defend yourself against a burglar you are a terrorist.

The story on the "Liberty Dollar Scandal" see the video and story


This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

Go into gold and silver cheap while you can!

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