Tiger Street Journal: Photoshopped evidence on Obama’s new birth certificate, released 4/27/2011

I just wanted to make sure that my friend’s analysis of the pdf file that was released from the W.H. was not lost in the FB abyss.  🙂

Following is links to proof of the photoshopping job done, and then after that are my friend’s personal analysis of the document, posted as comments on one of my original threads.

http://www.nkyvoice.com/2011/04/long-form-birth-certificate.html  She found evidence of these bits that are shown here in this article, where the author deconstructed it as well. So, she’s backed up his findings.

Again, she has confirmed this . . http://wireupdate.com/video/2011/04/president-obamas-birth-certificate-pdf-has-layers/

These are Rachel Roy’s comments as she deconstructed the document as we typed back and forth on FB, complete thread found here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1313785453#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=163116723747695&id=1313785453


From Rachel:

So I opened this document in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Under document setup, in the type menu, I see that the box for Export has two options…1. Preserve Text Editability or 2. Preserve test appearance. Option 1 is checked, meaning, the d…ocument text can be edited. Then ifEI go to Document Info, I see that the option to Preserve Text editibality is listed as one of the file information points. The simulate colored paper option is turned off.

I am also seeing a white background behind all the type that is kind of weird. If this was a real document, the typed letters would not be in a white block laid on top of the document background. The fact that this is there, indicates that the type has been run through an OCR process and dropped back onto the document.

The father’s birthplace is noted as Keny, East Africa…like Kenya is a city in East Africa…LOL….like a gen xer who never learned geography didn’t realize that Kenya is a country, NOT a city!

There are what appear to be pencil marks, some numbers, some x’s all over the document, including in the boxes 2-Sex, 3 -Single birth, 5B – Hr. of birth, 7G – residence, farm or plantation, 9-Race of Father, 11 – Birth place of father, 12a …- Usual Occupation of father, 12b – Kind of Business or Industry of father, 14 – Race of mother, 16-Birthplace of mother, 17a – type of occupation (of mother) during pregnancy, 17b-Date Last worked (mother). There is an unaligned line between boxes 15 and sixteen, and a scribbled out mess under the title of the signature of the attendent. I’m no handwriting expert, but it looks to me like the same person signed and dated the mother’s and the attendent’s signatures. If you look at the numbers 8 and 61, they are identical.

If I look at the actions file, it gets interesting…that’s like a history of all the stuff that was done to the image…..so starting at the top…each listed number will be a new command applied to the image…. 1. default folder (which …I am unable to open) 2. Opacity 60 (selection) 3. Opacity 40 screen (selection). Both of these commands indicate that certain items were selected and manipulated. 4. Apply default style (selection) 5. Save for Web GIF 64 dithered. 6. Save for web JPG Medium. 7. Save for Web PNG 24 8. Simplify (selection) 8. Simplify Straight (selection) then oops a mistake so 9. Revert (this would make the object go back to the most recently saved version. 10. Delete Unused Panel Items (musta forgot to get rid of some telltale marks) 11. Move dialog (selection) 12. Scale Dialog (selection) 13. Rotate Dialog (selection) 14. Rotate 90 CW (selection) 15. Shear Dialog (selection) 16. Reflect horizontal 17. Unite (selection) 17. Intersect (selection) 18. Exclude (selection) 19. Minus Front (selection) 20. Rasterize (selection) 21. Gaussian Blur Filter.

yep…this document has been well doctored….in my humble opinion! There would be no need for all those moves noted above it one was not altering text.

LINE 17a has the three letters Non pasted in before the letter e.

his document has text files that are linked into it, but they cannot be traced to an original source. This means that the original files are located in another place and they are not an original part of this document, like they would be if they were cut and then later pasted into this same document file.

The only K that is misaligned is the one in the mother’s birthplace..that is correct

Box 20 – date accepted by local registrar has also been doctored.

Holy shit…all the file names have been deleted…but one of the link files is the date Aug-8 196 There is no 1 to make it 1961 which means it was probably the addition to box 20. When I look closely at that, it is obvious that the number 1 is darker and bolder than the rest of the date.

The next alteration link is pasted into box 22 – date accepted by Reg. General. The text Aug 8 6 was pasted in, and then since it was slightly skewed, I’m thinking that scaling and rotating steps noted above would have been used to realign it with the rest of the text.

I truly cannot believe what I am seeing

Its like Illustrator 101


Rachel is still working with the original pdf to see if she can uncover more of the photoshop proof. But I want to thank her so much for confirming what we may have otherwise seen as just propaganda by those of us who don’t have the ability to uncover the botched photoshop job. In private conversation, Rachel said they could have avoided getting busted with such a blatant forgery if they’d only printed it and scanned it back into a pdf before sharing. As we can see, even their attempts at forgery are badly done.

Faked BC released by Obama 4/27/2011

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