Tiger Street Journal: The Osama Bin Laden aka "Tim Osman" Distraction: NOT being discussed in the MSM (PLEASE REPOST)

Editor’s Note: This was written Tuesday May 3, 2011 at 4:15 pm on my facebook profile page first.

While The Osama Bin Laden Distraction is all over the dumbstream media, I found a lot of news stories that are going on around the world including Africa unrest and they are going down, the dollar collapse, and the impending World War III.

I have been on the attack over the last 24 hours to tell you the Osama Bin Laden Story is a distraction because The Media has said Osama Bin Laden was dead on Sunday WHEN they said He was dead in 2001 and 2007. 2001 and 2007? What you kill him twice then revived him 2 times? How do you do that? Who knows? But I do know this His Real Name is Tim Osman. He was a CIA asset in the 1980’s in the cold war against Russia and Al-Qaeda is a front man for the military industrial complex note from the CIA! Most of the images Hollywood and the White House too most likely did photoshopped this! The British Newspapers like Times Online, BBC, Telegraph, and some others were picking up on this! What is really insane is that the picture was used from a Spanish Politician and of course ALL the videos were faked!

Then 9 times, Various Intel Agencies reported he is dead. He is dead.

The proof see here








The question that is on my mind, Why did you buried Tim Osman’s Body at Sea? Where are the pictures? For the people who say like my mom, If you were not there you have no opinion on this? WHERE THE LOGIC IN THAT? Seriously?

Video from Justin Primm explains it all

I will give an example, Were the Journalists reporting the story in the Iraq War?


Was the report biased? YES!

Was the Saddam Statue really toppled? NO! It was co-opted!

Then now the trillion dollar question: Did we pull out after the so called "mission accomplished"? NO!

More Soliders killed, 1 million dead iraqis! You feel better now?

Now to the fake images of Osama Bin Laden more of the photoshopped stuff from the elite!

from the UK Daily Mail

from the london guardian

Now the White House is backing off the official story should we say fairytale!

What will happen next? The same vicious cycle more staged terror attacks, and more of your civil liberties taken away. Obama will need another 9-11 or Oklahoma City to Spike his ratings as Robert Shapiro a former Clinton Official stated on the record from the Financial Times last summer.

When the CIA killed Che Guevara "The Terrorist" they performed and photographed an autopsy. Why didn’t they do this for Osama Bin Laden?

What is a distraction from?

As a Cuban TV state media said it "’distract attention’ from the international military intervention in Libya". Yeah all the people we are killing. Remember NATO=US mostly! And killing Gaddafi’s Son will speak a lot of outrage! Don’t you think the Libyans want to bomb back! It is all about the sweet crude oil the most valuable on the planet and gold too! Gerald Celente will say that too!

Video see here

This will be a precursor to World War III!

Now to the Global Debt Crisis:

Dollar Collapse

The Dollar Collapse coming

Now to the Dollar Collapse coming. As I am looking at the dollar right now it is at 73.07 meaning i can buy anything that is a dollar only $.73 of stuff well that is not going to buy you gas at all!

I am watching Europe, UK, and US very closely as government defaults are likely to happen soon. I am looking at the US debt clock right now. if they didn’t get the US public debt limit in, We will be in trouble. MORE like We are in really BIG trouble with the US total debt in real time is over $200 trillion. The US public debt is now $14.268 trillion (last updated at 12:10 pm 5-7-11 $14.276 trillion)

Now the Federal Reserve is going to take pension funds from federal employees to fund the US government if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling. Well it may not matter anyways because of the $200 trillion debt.

According to Market Watch website "Treasury said it would borrow money from federal employee pension funds on May 16 if there is no congressional action by then".

Doesn’t matter at all!

This reminds me of George Carlin on the famous clip on "Who Really Controls America". G.C. said "And now they are coming for your social security, they want their fucking retirement money, they want it back. So this way they can give it to their criminal friends on wall street". They will do it!

Video see here

A lot of people on food stamps over 44 million Americans!

Now CNBC is reporting we are in Stagflation again High Inflation, low growth. And who would report that a narcissist Larry Kudlow no creditability like the rest of the crew on CNBC. 1.8% GDP growth. Really 1.8% sounds like -7.0% contraction. Thanks to the fed printing more money and their criminal friends swindling the people to fund their holocausts. This has been the threat to our freedom since 1800’s!

Now an independent credit rating agency has put the US at fair rating as in C rating equivalent to a BBB rating to three major credit agencies S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. That is lower than Estonia, and Mexico. Well Estonia joining the Euro, I will give them a D rating or junk rating with an F!

Link see here



Now confirmation of Gerald Celente’s Trends crime-wave 2011 and that is happening already. One Case already the serial killer in Long Island 10 sets of human remains. We may see something like this. Not to mention unemployment at 22% overall (not 8.9% unemployment). Worse Teen Unemployment will go to 25-27 percent according to Northeastern University in Boston. Most of them are going to college BUT ARE THEY really going to get a degree into a great career while paying off the student debt and/or the usual debts!

Links see here:




Final Topic: Nations falling prey to the old world order

The first basic ideas this year all revolutions in the Middle East and African countries were all triggered by severely high food and energy prices.

This is no different at all.

Kenya (supposedly Obama’s Birthplace): They are facing a massive cash storage, now fuel shortage with high food and energy prices = A ticking time-bomb waiting to happen!

Links see here




Now all eyes on Uganda as a Strike will be on tomorrow Wednesday as we speak according to the Daily Monitor to protest on a big government crackdown and high inflation all around. Already student protests shutters an university. Gerald Celente: Students and youths of the world unite 2011.

Links see here





Solutions: Buy Silver and Gold now. Small Pullback right now. BUT THEY WILL BE off to the races as the dollar currency crash is coming!

Buy food!

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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