Tiger Street Journal: OBL distraction part 2 The coming reality and what should you do to prepare (PLEASE REPOST)

Part 2 of the OBL or Osama Bin Laden Distraction already A LOT of big news stories especially the global debt crisis continues to Unravel!

Editor’s Note: Written first on Facebook at May 5th.

Plus not to mention today is Cinco De Mayo a holiday being celebrated by the US and Mexico!

So now double trouble.

The more stories they continue to alter on Bin Laden the more their creditability is lost. Of course they already had no creditability whatsoever to begin with and they are going to show you a winner this time. RIGHT!

The Quantitative Easing 2 that is going to end in June 2011 by the criminal federal reserve may become QE3 in a hurry because they want to boost stock prices so their criminal friends can continue to steal more money from the taxpayers and to crash the dollar for good.


Jobless claims the last 3 weeks have been skyrocketing a lot including thursday morning, the jobless claims went up to 474k. The last number it was higher was in August 2010. Note: They only count in the people who are on jobless benefits excluding the discouraged workers. In the past, jobless was defined by people who are not retired. Now jobless claims are defined as people who are on jobless benefits.

Bring out QE3!???

Then the housing market: The business media are starting to finally realize that the housing prices fell 80-90% when the financial crisis took shape in 2007 and 2008.

Housing market collapse
3d Illustration of the housing market recession

Then the bigger collapse coming: The US dollar collapse

Today the dollar is up because the Euro is down after ECB president Jeane Trichet held interest rates at 1.25% despite rampant inflation. So did the UK central bank at 0.5% and like I said the jobless claims skyrocketing.

It finished Thursday at 74.16 up 1.13 or 1.5% higher meaning i can buy .74 cents of stuff to the US dollar. Even though Silver got hammered down to $35 an ounce, it is still a buying opportunity of the dollar collapse and crash J.P. Morgan Buy Silver campaign. So is Gold too too even though a $42 drop to $1482 an ounce today, same reason dollar crash. Sweet Crude oil got hammered for $10 below the $100 a barrel level. It will go to $150-200 a barrel when the dollar collapses.

The biggest collapse the dollar collapse is coming because of the major debt load I have been reporting for a while from the previous article see here

As i reported in my previous article before the federal reserve will take pension funds from federal employees to delay the debt bubble bursts. It may not matter anyways because the total debt is $200 trillion conservatively because of all the wars, bailouts, and unfunded liabilities.

Written on Tuesday: "According to Market Watch website ‘Treasury said it would borrow money from federal employee pension funds on May 16 if there is no congressional action by then’".

Doesn’t matter at all!

Real time US debt clock see here


Now Africa: The coming ticking time-bomb of destruction

All eyes on Kenya and Uganda as hyperinflation takes a toll on the nations, In my last article i mentioned them to be in major problem

Kenya (supposedly Obama’s Birthplace): They are facing a massive cash storage, now fuel shortage with high food and energy prices = A ticking time-bomb waiting to happen!

Links see here




Now all eyes on Uganda as a Strike will be on tomorrow Wednesday as we speak according to the Daily Monitor to protest on a big government crackdown and high inflation all around. Already student protests shutters an university. Gerald Celente: Students and youths of the world unite 2011.

Links see here





Update on Kenya’s ticking timebomb:

Major fuel shortage reported already. Higher food and energy prices plus fuel and flour shortage you got yourself a major problem plus 40% unemployment!

Link see here


Uganda update: Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao was on Thursday morning arrested by police for the third time in a month for participating in “walk-to-work” protests. This is the same protest that is happening right now as people are walking to work in response to the spiraling cost of living. He was arrested for unlawful assembly. Then released 2 hours later today.

Links see here



People are being warned not to join the protests but late found out that the campaigns are led by ‘self-seekers’ who are paid huge amounts of money to destabilise the country. Police warned them of joining the protests but of course this is not going to stop because (Gerald Celente saying) "When people lose everything and they got nothing left to lose they lose it". We will see it unfold in the next few weeks or so.


What can you do to benefit the upcoming dollar collapse?

Move out of the big cities and flee to the suburbs or a farming town. Start farming your own non GMO/Organic seeds.

Buy Silver and Gold physical metals.

Also these items from the website and article 100 items to disappear first when the dollar crashes on the power hour website.


This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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