Tiger Street Journal: Why the OWS movement is being co opted and the people don’t even know about it [YET]

As I have been keeping an eye on the Occupy Wall Street Movement from day one on September 17th as we are into week 3. You know what the national anthem of the US ought to be forget the bald eagle or the pledge of allegiance. Max Keiser saying "I pledge allegiance to the flag to the bailout nation of America. Please send me a billion and I will salute you every morning. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!"  *Does George Carlin Fart sounds* That is the pledge of allegiance of America they say in schools (not literally) but they use that to brain little kiddies with the debt language.

Now let me explain from all angles why the OWS movement is being co opted by the Neo-Liberals. I know what your thinking you should tell me "You should support this movement 100%, no one is funding me, co-opting me etc". Then someone may bring up the song "The Revolution will not be televised".

But all this week from last week things literally headed south when Michael Moore then the unions co opted by George Soros like moveon.org, a "progressive" website supporting the neo liberals. Then nobel prize economist Joseph Stiglitz threw his hat to support OWS. He wrote a book called Globalization and its Discontents based on why Globalization is bad and his criticism against the World Bank in 2001. You may say wait a minute why him? Stiglitz is one of us, he is not. I will tell you why.

Remember Michael Moore threw his support behind Wiki Leaks or Zio Leaks as i called them perfectly. From my article called "Tigerleaks" exposing Michael Moore.

From my article

"Michael Moore is an anti gun activist, pro-democrat/neo liberal who supported the failed healthcare overhaul in 1995 when Bill and Hillary Clinton were in office! Also supported Obamacare in 2010. All of his films were directed at George Bush BUT NOT Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, or why Obama is a puppet! Why is that? That just comes to show you the shills of so called film directors who expose the lies and pretend to be real people like nobel prize people, medal of honor, etc. It was "only" $20k but good enough to raise eyebrows."

Remember his movie Capitalism: A Love Story, Moore’s theme of the movie and his interview by Luke Rudkowski this past week?

The point is of course he has been pushing his lies for a while "End Capitalism" when asked by Luke about the private federal reserve, Michael Moore has lock-jawed.

For the Video see here

Why should we end capitalism? There is no real capitalism because the government subsidized corporations like Monsanto and bailing out the too big to fails! The fed stole $23.7 Trillion from the people! WAKE UP!

Now to the Unions and George Soros:

The headline from Al Jazeera "Occupy Wall Street labour connection"

And the top line above the picture states: "Major US labour unions plan to back the Occupy Wall Street protesters in pushing for a financial transaction tax."

Really a tax on saving! This is a war of the savers vs the speculators and there is another side theft from unions! So we can’t put money in a bank without being taxed and already the major US banks are screwing the people with this so called consumer reform bill is nothing but another tax! For example fees for using their debit cards, low checking balance, etc. Please!

The people who are pushing for this financial transaction tax is neo liberals featuring unions who are not financially literate! SERIOUSLY! PEOPLE ARE F**KING dumb sometimes! You can say what you want about this country, I love the freedoms we used to have. Yeah! Uh huh!

Michael Moore is financially illiterate and a shill.

For example the people who are pushing this: SEIU who supports the Obama Agenda with the neo liberal model that is killing our country and everywhere else. Yeah print more money and credit lending facility of $100 trillion dollars to solve any "insolvency" problem. Transit Workers Union too based in NYC calling for this. Imagine the hypocrisy.


Moveon.org is a left wng neo-liberal website that is funded and backed by George Soros and as I have been reporting this since this week for a tax on saving link see here


and one of My Friend’s article via another friend writing that it is being co opted by the Socialists and the Communist Agenda. Guys it is a corporatist agenda where we are .1% vs 99.9%!

From Robert Letkiewicz

"Millions of people have come to the understanding that capitalism is no longer working. And millions of people around the world – from Athens to Cairo to New York City – are fighting back. Marxism provides a revolutionary understanding and strategy for ridding society of exploitation and oppression once and for all. We want more than just resistance, we want to win. Join us."

And now we know 2 top wimpocrats are throwing his support for OWS and Obama "supporting this movement" when He got elected to office by Wall Street!

Top wimpocrats who endorse OWS including John Larson a democrat from Connecticut who got bribes and payoffs from union like Teamsters who joined OWS, UFT, and drug companies like Pfizer! Also voted for the draconian food safety bill, and the debt ceiling. Remember we asked them this year to solve our debt crisis and they were the ones that dragged us in it. That is the definition of insanity!

And here in my own city Louise Slaughter, who voted for the same draconian food safety supported the democratic debt ceiling raise. Worse she supported the illegal war in Libya who was against pulling the troops out of there if you go to the section of project vote smart section of defense. Likewise she got $10k from the ring leader of the Teamster Union the son of Jimmy Hoffa.


Final piece of Evidence why OWS is hijacked Joseph Stiglitz a nobel laureate economist. Let me tell you I will not accept any nobel prize until EVERYONE return their own awards to the commissioner!

Joseph Stiglitz was at OWS on Monday throwing support for them. His position if you go to Wikipedia he is a democrat. He used to work for the clinton administration from 1995 to 1997 that repealed the glass steagall act 3 years later. Although you may look at his record well he didn’t back NAFTA and GATA and had problems with the wonderful Larry Summers and is against globalization. The one thing made me question his credibility that is in October 2010 calling for another stimulus more government spending.


He said in a Bloomberg news interview on August 24, 2011

He said yeah the Euro Bailout needs to be larger and larger! Like I said the $100 trillion neo liberal credit model


Then in October 2010, Stiglitz stated on record in a speech at Colombia University for a bigger stimulus, yeah more of the ponzi scheme kick the can down the road kind of thing.

Link see here

Before that on August 2010 he called for it

Here is a thing to consider when talking about the OWS when J.P Morgan donated $5 million to the NYPD that funneled to the Council 82 NYPD union via AFL-CIO

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and http://www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)


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