Tiger Street Journal Comedy Skit 2011 in review. Why it was so good (sarcasm) Part 1 50-26.

A lot of things went so wrong in 2011. There was the Arab Spring revolutions now backed by the west. The illegal Libyan war and the killing of Ghaddafi months later. The “killing” of Osama Bin Laden then the Navy Seal Team 6 were killed. The US debt ceiling theater leading to the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating. The Japanese devastation the earthquake, tsunami resulted in the worse nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. The continuing tensions with Israel and their neighbors like Palestine then Syria. The death of dictators. Goldman Sachs are ruling the world replacing Silvio Berlusconi in Italy with “Three-card” Mario Monti. The new European Central Bank head Mario Draghi was head of the European Division of Goldman Sachs. They move their hubs around! The rare earthquake in the east coast then Hurricane Irene. The MF Global bankruptcy and the whole pressitue media is lockjaw when going after financial fraud. The world near total collapse and my trends in the next article.

Then in the celebrity news front Amy Winehouse died only at 27 years old. Kim Kardashian’s joke marriage at 72 days. The usual snooki stupids running rampant. I don’t have to go any further.

The end of the world my ass with the global earthquake! Now we got to deal with the Mayans prediction of 2012.

The republican presidential show featuring the infidelities of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. Then Newt Gingrinch, then the Rick Perry disease if he can just remember what the **** is he doing or saying!

Time Magazine named the protester as man of the year. YES this is true!

On the lighter side, I was able to get away from all the usual bad news but it was another UP and DOWN year for almost everyone including me. One day or week or maybe 2 weeks i feel okay. Then another 2 weeks later, I feel SO miserable! Although it is true that I did traveled a lot between NY and NJ especially doing the NY-NJ Tiger Sports Swing. 38 days between October and November. I am officially in a relationship for the first time in a while and passing over another Kardashian hump. LOL. In the meantime, it is time for top 50 reasons why this year was so good (saracasm)!

50. Okay. I know I am going to be speaking out on why pop culture is corrupting our minds. This example, I will demonstrate why people are so brainwashed when a 13 year old threatened to kill Santa Claus if he didn’t give her the correct presents. They included a blackberry and the real life Justin Bieber.

Seriously? Sketchy santas! The headline is from the Metro UK newspaper http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/884797-schoolgirl-threatens-to-kill-santa-claus-if-he-doesnt-bring-the-right-presents

Oh jeeze!

In response Macy’s Santa Mail program had to post a warning label saying this:

49. Just in time for the holiday season and why we are getting fatter this year and we are putting the decorations on the trees. Look at this picture MEAT ornaments! I mean really! Do we have to make them out of food now!

48. I think this is widely inappropriate.

I think this is inappropriate don’t you think?

47. Remember Paul Krugman said that we have to bail out the United States because Aliens are coming. What Krugman meant to say is that the Keynesian economics theory that turned out to be completely useless.

This is why our flights  are being delayed this year because of alien activity.

Paul Krugman of the NY times would say that because his Keynesian economics theory failed hard!

46. Back to Christmas garbage, Wal Mart’s new slogan: AHHHHAHHHHHH MY EYES!!! Did you see on the news that a Women came into pepper spray people to cut in front of the line to get an X-box. I mean really! The good news: She now works for the UC Davis Police Department.

45. Back to why I am speaking out on the Consumer culture. Another news story: You know what Nike stores slogan is? MINE MINE MINE!!! AWW MAN did you see on the news, According to MSNBC multiple Nike stores were mobbed because the top of the line Air Jordan Sneakers were on sale. In Richmond, California, a man was arrested for bringing a gun into a Nike Store to get the Air Jordan shoes! Another case they were pepper sprayed! The richmond man now works for the Richmond California police department. Overall America is finished third world status.

Guess who benefits? Too big to fails and China!

44. More reasons why Americans are maxing out their credit cards so they can spend their lives paying something that cost $1250 and they didn’t like it anyways.

In Utah, A man won a Lamborghini in a contest. 6 hours later, he ends up crashing it. He will be selling it because of the high insurance premiums. How sick are we getting in this country! COME ON!!


43. Ok this reason why I am pissed off on why we are not so creative in this country we rip it off from songs like pussycat dolls “Don’t you wish your Girlfriend was hot like me, Don’t Cha?”

fail! Is that the best ad/slogan you can come up with? That is so lame!

42. 2 jokes out of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing adventures. The first at the very beginning of the swing, When I got a ride back by Kim Hirten’s parents back to Manhattan, Christine texted me that the hatchback is going to open. Hold on to your hat!!!! I should have listened to Christine! My Tiger Woods Hat flew off the car, good thing I was able to get it back. I texted her and the whole team was laughing. Christine said this “Tiger you got spunked”!!

41. Fast Forward to the end, Cardozo Girls’ Volleyball or Lady Judges won back to back city volleyball chamionships defeating Francis Lewis Patriots 25-17, 25-13. Before I tell you the joke completely. Stuyvesant Red Vixens were the favorites to win the city and at least give Philip Fisher a nice taste in his mouth to retirement. BUT His team was upsetted by Francis Lewis lady patriots then Dozo took out Susan Wagner and Dozo was the eventual champions back to back as you can see!

The joke: Philip Fisher was owned by the patriot act BUT was overruled by the Judges!!!!That is the full wrap up of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing!!!!!!

Now to the Top 40 here we come

40. Congress just lifted a ban on horse meat. ATL: Now guess what Mcdonalds is going to call it: The Mchorse Sandwich.

39. I think you can read this one yourself:


38. What would If I became president?

See below

On Jay Leno Show yesterday. There is a good fucking idea!!!!!

midway through part 1:

37. Back to the Christmas stuff Part of the Sketchy Santas.

Read this for yourself!! Why America is snooki stupid and gaga’d to death!

36. A Freudian Slip but nonetheless this gets into the epic fails of my headlines

Love him or hate him, The spelling of epic fails!

35. Rick Perry said that God told him to run for president. Here is a response to that:

34. Speaking of the European Debt Crisis now Italy is now another country that could go bust. ATL: I blame the Jersey Shore! I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BAD IDEA!

33. What do we got 8 more dirty jokes why 2011 was good.

The national emblem of America is the Bald Eagle. Forget about that shit! Max Keiser saying “I pledge allegiance to the flag to the bailout nation of America. Please send me a billion and I will salute you every morning. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!”  *Does George Carlin Fart sounds* That is the pledge of allegiance of America they say in schools (not literally) but they use that to brain little kiddies with the debt language.

32. Don’t spray the Occupy Wall Street Protesters spray everyone in congress pepper spray!


31. 6 more jokes to the end of part 1?

In our world of the New World Order Research when Time Magazine does there man of the year garbage,

I really love how these politically correct ideas crash and burn in the shithouse. Then just inject more drugs to feed their agenda. And hey that may get you a place in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award. Or should I say Time magazine’s scumbag of the year. Look at everyone from Zionist CIA Darpa program Mark Zuckenberg, Obama, Bernanke. Everyone i see on time magazine is a financial terrorist in someway well except JFK was on time magazine

but he was there for a good cause of course said it for the wrong reasons for beating Nixon. HOW ABOUT having a REAL PRESIDENT FOR A CHANGE!


Then you begin to wonder about the people that on a time magazine, Here is what i think of? Forget Time Magazine. You know what they should be on? A Pin-Up Girl on PLAYBOY magazine! Then “and (you) be like wow look at her “she looks like shes fucking everybody!”

“we have to continously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he'” My friend Ashford Miner. I give a lot of credit with ideas like these.

30. College Student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion this year more than credit card debt. Degrees in worthless. No jobs. All they will be in student loan debt for good! This is a good picture response NO pun intended!

see what i mean?

29. 4 more jokes to end of part 1. This one I will end on relationships then back to politics to set the tone for

As you know Kim Kardashian marriage only lasted for 72 days. The republicans want to go back to 2001. Democrats want to go back to 1996. Someone is going to be fucking disappointed.

28. Speaking of relationships, as you may know I am now almost in 3 months of my relationship. That is passing another hump of the Kardashians. At least my name will not be Chris Humpries or get whacked with a driver by Tiger Woods’ Ex-wife!

27. Newt Gingrich’s pledged that he will no do any adultery. You know how he made a pledge by? Through his crotch. Not looking so good as more affairs were revealed in yesterday’s comedy skit.

26. The US government has stopped counting sheep according to the NY times last month. You know how the government is going to count sheep? The people who believe what a politician said!

That is part 1 part 2 coming up tomorrow!


Tiger Street Journal on the Debt Ceiling Theater: Debt Ceiling = Banker Shakedown 2.0

This title on the debt ceiling theater Debt Ceiling Hostage = Banker Shakedown 2.0. Already a lot of fear mongering on all sides including from the Bankers on Wall Street to the Federal Reserve down in Washington.

       So far in this Debt Ceiling Theater Ayman Al Geithner or Tim Geithner* has reaffirmed his threats of don’t raise the debt ceiling, the US economy will crash. Well what he meant to say is "Give me $12 trillion to solve the debt crisis or I will blow all your heads off". That is call the suicide threat you hold everyone hostage and kill everyone including yourself to get the money to your top friends.

       Now I know what you are thinking, why I said Debt Ceiling = Banker Shakedown 2.0 because the bankers are holding us hostage because the ponzi scheme are collapsing so they have to come up with another hostage situation that they created themselves to put it back on us. Most of the debt that we have not $14.3 trillion but $180 trillion plus in debt is owned by the bankers and the governments doing all the illegal wars from Afghanistan to Somalia.

  When America goes to Economic Rehab they will be singing: NO NO NO! (Note the late singer Amy Winehouse song from Rehab)


Now the Congress and the Senate is saying NO NO NO! -Fred French.

      When all else fails or economic rehab or whatever, they take you to war!

    It is called dick fear no less!

When a country grows a big dick questioning and fighting back against the US draconian policies funding monarchs, oligarchs, dictators, etc around the world, the US will say this: "What they have bigger dicks?!!! BOMB THEM!!" Sadly they will face these facts below:      

      The ceiling is not the problem, it is the debt of over $180 trillion plus ($166 trillion of "hidden" debt). How is it over $180 trillion in US debt? We know that

– $115 trillion in the unfunded liabilities

– $28 trillion in the banker bailouts (now did the $16 trillion emergency lent by the Federal Reserve was part of the $28 trillion shakedown or a separate bill but part of the shakedown part 1 now totaling $44 trillion. We may never know).


Note this was an one time audit by the Government Accountability Office inserted in the bill by Bernie Sanders under the 2010 financial reform bill. So now what one audit only $16 trillion lent during the great recession and no more audits after it. Gee the Federal Reserve will do a lot more damage if they can’t be stopped.

– God knows how much wars have cost over 10 plus years. 50 years ago the business model of America is business. NOW the business of America is basically war.

$30 trillion lost in the housing market crash of 2008 but the number will fully be recognized when the housing market crashes 36-48 months after the initial financial attack.

Fannie and Freddie Mac $5 trillion.

Now $180 trillion is total national debt and there IS NO PLAN to quote on quote solve the debt crisis. The republicans and the democrats have nothing to show! NOT EVEN THE TEA PARTY backed by the Koch Brothers. We have been held hostage on both sides. The Federal Reserve has a gun at our heads along with their banker friends from Wall Street.

It is like the little dot in a youtube video that controls the rest of the 99% of the pyramid. (I forgot what was the actual video but it explains it perfectly).

Of course they will try to crash the stock market well an economic false flag or maybe a terror attack false flag to make the people rally around the president to raise the debt ceiling link.

*Note Ayman Al Zawahiri is Al-CIA-EDA #2 man. Tim Geithner is Bernake’s right hand man in the federal reserve treasury.

Pictures see here

Tim Osman and his AL-CIA-EDA number 2 man = Osama Bin Bernanke and Ayman Al Geithner

"History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme." -Mark Twain as you see right here.

Amy Winehouse + Snooki Stupid = America.

    +  =  

As long as the political charade goes on in the debt ceiling issue Gold and Silver will salute to the collapse of America and the other nations.

Let’s say you are in a country not in China any country in that matter. You have to dump the US dollar before China does. Once China dumps it completely, the country with the most dollar holdings loses.

And already America lost its sovereignty to the bankers.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: America’s Sick Joke Analogy comedy skit part 1

From Eisenhower 2 Obama, Lady Day 2 Lady Gaga, Sinatra 2 Snooki, Cronkite 2 Cooper, Steve Allen 2 Jon Stewart; America’s become a sick joke. -Gerald Celente

A picture from his tweet on twitter

his tweet 2nd from the top

Let’s do a fucking show on America’s Sick Joke Analogy!

You know let’s start dissecting from the top: "From Eisenhower 2 Obama". Since 1953 to present, we had invaded a lot of countries in a time period of maybe one every decade till the 80’s then one every 5 years then in the 2000’s one every year. By the time when 2011 ends or when the summer of 2011 ends, we will invade another country once a month or so. What does this tell you?

(George Carlin standards): What they got bigger dicks? BOMB THEM! This country is 220 years old already, we got ummmm 14 wars. In 1992, in George Carlin Jammin in NY special it was "10 major wars, we average a major war every 20 years. So we are good at it! It is a good thing we are because we are not good at anything else. Can’t build a decent car. Can’t make a TV set or a VCR worth a fuck! Got no steel industry, can’t educated our young people! BUT WE CAN BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR COUNTRY alright! AHHHH!!! We can bomb the shit out of country alright! *does the sound effects of bombs*

Especially if your country is full of brown people! AW We like that don’t we? That is our hobby! That’s our new job in the world bombing brown people! Iraq, Panama, Grenada, and Libya you got some brown people in your country TELL THEM TO WATCH THE FUCK OUT! OR WE WILL GOT DAMN BOMB THEM!

Since when was the last white people we ever bomb? Can you even remember any white people we ever bombed? The Germans those were the only ones and they were trying to cut in our actions! They wanted to dominate the world, BULLSHIT! THAT IS OUR FUCKING JOB! THAT’S OUR FUCKING JOB! I have certain rules I live by, My first rule I don’t believe in anything the government tells me! NOTHING! ZERO! NOPE!

For the full clip on George Carlin’s "We Like War" see here

The second part of Celente tweet Lady Day to Lady Gaga: I was thinking WTF is Lady Day? So I did a little research I found out she was an American Jazz Singer and Songwriter. The nickname lady day derived from her friend and musical partner Lester Young. Some of the songs became notable and famous according to wikipedia " ‘Easy Living,’ ‘Good Morning Heartache,’ and ‘Strange Fruit’, a protest song which became one of her standards and was made famous with her 1939 recording.


Billie Holiday aka "Lady Day"

Then of Course to complete it Lady Gaga. Oh Jeeze! dumb and dumber then will continue to flow in the next 2 analogies by Gerald Celente then I will go to the theme of the Harp and violin joke. You might want to cover your eyes when we get there. How did Gerald Celente did the tweet Lady Day to Lady Gaga. Simple 2 female singers and songwriters with bad influences especially gaga today.

When I was reading Gerald Celente’s Twitter page: A few things come to my mind including a tweet from May 16th His tweet states "Lady Gaga 1st 2 reach 10 mill followers on Twitter. GC:Another defining moment of history & progress. From #Madonna 2 #Lady Gaga in a decade". Sarcastically he meant is another reason why America has become a sick joke and the UK Mail Online admits she is a bad influence to kids. Me with the sarcasm will say: "WHY? She is making billions of dollars, The owners will feed her more poison to pass to the kids. You know when I was in the education system viewing this: I see departments figuring out ways to brainwash children, the AP or the Assistant Principal will tell the teachers keep brainwashing son you are making slaves! You will say Tiger "They are extreme risk to the kids, the whole education system and Hollywood Industrial Complex is separate that is when the singers crashes by making a lot of money and spending it on one certain item then get bailed out by the governments". I will reply yeah that is the model of the whole system. They told you how to think their way!


Now here is another interesting part about this Lady Gaga just went bankrupt after spending most of the money on probably the infamous meat costume, her promoters, etc. Who knows we will never know. BUT what we do know is this: (More of the George Carlin material) It has become a part of the American Culture buying things buying things, people spending on money they don’t have on things they don’t need. Money they don’t have so they can max out their credit cards and spend the rest of their lives  pay 18% on something that cost $1250 and they didn’t like it anyway. Not too bright folks. Not too fucking bright. But if you sit down rationally talk to an individual about the Low IQ’s and dumb decisions, right away they start talking about education! This person said we need more money for education for kids and more testing. But I would said well the kids are not passing the test. Then you would say don’t you worry about that we are going to lower the passing grades. Like that really is going to help.

Full Video on this see George Carlin and dumb Americans see here

Now to the final parts about the Gerald Celente Tweet Cronkite to Cooper. This is obvious the news is more in favor of the pentagon and of course and everything they do is more of the evolved cartoon news that will easy brainwash the kids.The same thing Dumb and Dumber icons.

Comedian Jon Stewart.

Then the last part the comedians who think they are funny (then there are comedians that are not so funny) that has truth into it but not so much substance.

Steve Allen to Jon Stewart.

Note Steve Allen was the first person as the tonight show host then succeeded by Jay Leno of course. Then of course the famous show of What’s My Line?

Now comes Jon Stewart with his rally to store sanity? What did that really accomplished? NOTHING! Except of course create more tensions divide and conquer the people

Now here comes my satirical side with a lot of bad news on the economic front.

Here are some of the statuses i said in a satire matter here it is

"Does anyone have a violin or a HARP instrument that no one uses I need this so i can do my comedy joke on this Debt ceiling Traigicomedy, the eCONomists from wall street, the gerald celente tweet, the EU and IMF having a dick fear problem and more! I NEED THIS SO i can poke fun at them! LOL!" Then i said further in my comment "if that doesnt work i can always use a baseball to give them chin music!"

Then another status which is so hilarious full of George Carlin Material:

"So far in today’s tragicomedy we saw the EU and IMF having the big case of "dick fear" because Greece is fighting back against terrorist bankers now their ponzi scheme machine will end June 30th or QE2. Then our politicans who haven’t seen their own dicks since the Nixon Administration voted No to raise the debt ceiling to $16.7 trillion, and they cant seem to learn at all and our wall street eCONomists just got hit in the balls proving there is no US RECOVERY! More will follow this week! In summary America has become a sick joke!"

Now what is inside the satire i had to say that is based on.

Tuesday in the News, I am still following the Greek protests and the EU is racing for another bailout package. Of course yesterday economic front proves why the housing market collapsed for good or more like people are starting to realize yeah it did fell 80%-90% with the S&P case shiller index saw the biggest drop at the peak in 2006 it fell 33.1% hey we are about almost half way there recognition it did fell 80-90%

Second we are now at 44.2 million Americans on food stamps (14.4% of Americans). congrats America that is the change you can believe in *brings out the violin music that is played by me so flawed their ears hurt*

here is a sample

or better yet a HARP music! 😛

Food Stamps only cover $133.24 per month. That will help purchase one-third of the first Ipad.

Then you have the midwest manufacturing data a measurement of any growth in the US no growth what so ever.

and Goldman Sachs can’t think of a reason why it happened. BUT the problem is they are the insiders, they make the data look good or bad into their favor and they still make money no less!

So did Consumer Confidence with a big drop! 66 to 60.8. (once again numbers skewed)

Then Tuesday you know the tragicomedy of the debt ceiling vote. HR 1934 was to suppose to raise the debt ceiling or borrowing cost to $16.7 trillion with no spending cuts that failed miserably 318-97. Of course all republicans voted against it with some of the democrats breaking with the republicans. Like that really matters! This is all of a charade game. Who really cares. IT doesn’t matter when the US total debt is over $180 trillion!

Yesterday (Wednesday June 1, 2010),  Now a trifecta of really bad economic news.

Private Jobs Growth only 38k the "market" expected 190k jobs.

ISM or manufacturing index fell significantly to a 53.5 last month it was 60.4 huge drop. (Note numbers can be skewed)

(The rate of change was a big leg down).

Then last the Greece downgrade to junk status by Moody’s.

It is really time to really turn the sad violin song so depressing that the Obamanoids and Neo-cons alike are crying for mercy.

Don’t ya wish you want to slap someone silly so badly? I DO it is a reliever!

But that is not enough because we are on the verge of the worse depression worse than the 1920’s because of negative rates, high inflation, very high unemployment.


Now i have covered all of this information. Let’s talk quick on trends forecasting for summer of 2011.

Two things will still come into mind

1) Crimewave 2011- No jobs, no money, short fuses all equates to trouble ahead.

2) WW III: Poker time

Poker Game analogy First Great War of the 21st century

In the poker table you have Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and other EU nations on the poker table with their cards hidden from plain view. I am playing poker with them with allies of my key OWO aware people, we are trying to predict correctly if a staged terror attack card before it will be deployed to the table in one of the turns. You have the flop cards (3 cards), the turn (1 card), then the river.

Libya is a sideshow. All eyes on Pakistan and the western world. Note the western world like to do provoke nations. I am trying to stop it or catch it in the act (if I could).

The flop cards already unveiled this

1) western world provokes Pakistan after the OBL fairytale.

2) US debt default question (well before august 2nd)?

3) the bankers race against time to complete their ponzi scheme in the US note QE2 will end in 28 days. So as a result they are going to burn Greece this time to the ground for good.

The turn card is the key card to predict how close are we to WW III.

Then the river card will tell us the final answer.

In summary part 1 America has become a sick joke!

Part 2 is the Thursday and Friday’s Economic data

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: Photoshopped evidence on Obama’s new birth certificate, released 4/27/2011

I just wanted to make sure that my friend’s analysis of the pdf file that was released from the W.H. was not lost in the FB abyss.  🙂

Following is links to proof of the photoshopping job done, and then after that are my friend’s personal analysis of the document, posted as comments on one of my original threads.

http://www.nkyvoice.com/2011/04/long-form-birth-certificate.html  She found evidence of these bits that are shown here in this article, where the author deconstructed it as well. So, she’s backed up his findings.

Again, she has confirmed this . . http://wireupdate.com/video/2011/04/president-obamas-birth-certificate-pdf-has-layers/

These are Rachel Roy’s comments as she deconstructed the document as we typed back and forth on FB, complete thread found here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1313785453#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=163116723747695&id=1313785453


From Rachel:

So I opened this document in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Under document setup, in the type menu, I see that the box for Export has two options…1. Preserve Text Editability or 2. Preserve test appearance. Option 1 is checked, meaning, the d…ocument text can be edited. Then ifEI go to Document Info, I see that the option to Preserve Text editibality is listed as one of the file information points. The simulate colored paper option is turned off.

I am also seeing a white background behind all the type that is kind of weird. If this was a real document, the typed letters would not be in a white block laid on top of the document background. The fact that this is there, indicates that the type has been run through an OCR process and dropped back onto the document.

The father’s birthplace is noted as Keny, East Africa…like Kenya is a city in East Africa…LOL….like a gen xer who never learned geography didn’t realize that Kenya is a country, NOT a city!

There are what appear to be pencil marks, some numbers, some x’s all over the document, including in the boxes 2-Sex, 3 -Single birth, 5B – Hr. of birth, 7G – residence, farm or plantation, 9-Race of Father, 11 – Birth place of father, 12a …- Usual Occupation of father, 12b – Kind of Business or Industry of father, 14 – Race of mother, 16-Birthplace of mother, 17a – type of occupation (of mother) during pregnancy, 17b-Date Last worked (mother). There is an unaligned line between boxes 15 and sixteen, and a scribbled out mess under the title of the signature of the attendent. I’m no handwriting expert, but it looks to me like the same person signed and dated the mother’s and the attendent’s signatures. If you look at the numbers 8 and 61, they are identical.

If I look at the actions file, it gets interesting…that’s like a history of all the stuff that was done to the image…..so starting at the top…each listed number will be a new command applied to the image…. 1. default folder (which …I am unable to open) 2. Opacity 60 (selection) 3. Opacity 40 screen (selection). Both of these commands indicate that certain items were selected and manipulated. 4. Apply default style (selection) 5. Save for Web GIF 64 dithered. 6. Save for web JPG Medium. 7. Save for Web PNG 24 8. Simplify (selection) 8. Simplify Straight (selection) then oops a mistake so 9. Revert (this would make the object go back to the most recently saved version. 10. Delete Unused Panel Items (musta forgot to get rid of some telltale marks) 11. Move dialog (selection) 12. Scale Dialog (selection) 13. Rotate Dialog (selection) 14. Rotate 90 CW (selection) 15. Shear Dialog (selection) 16. Reflect horizontal 17. Unite (selection) 17. Intersect (selection) 18. Exclude (selection) 19. Minus Front (selection) 20. Rasterize (selection) 21. Gaussian Blur Filter.

yep…this document has been well doctored….in my humble opinion! There would be no need for all those moves noted above it one was not altering text.

LINE 17a has the three letters Non pasted in before the letter e.

his document has text files that are linked into it, but they cannot be traced to an original source. This means that the original files are located in another place and they are not an original part of this document, like they would be if they were cut and then later pasted into this same document file.

The only K that is misaligned is the one in the mother’s birthplace..that is correct

Box 20 – date accepted by local registrar has also been doctored.

Holy shit…all the file names have been deleted…but one of the link files is the date Aug-8 196 There is no 1 to make it 1961 which means it was probably the addition to box 20. When I look closely at that, it is obvious that the number 1 is darker and bolder than the rest of the date.

The next alteration link is pasted into box 22 – date accepted by Reg. General. The text Aug 8 6 was pasted in, and then since it was slightly skewed, I’m thinking that scaling and rotating steps noted above would have been used to realign it with the rest of the text.

I truly cannot believe what I am seeing

Its like Illustrator 101


Rachel is still working with the original pdf to see if she can uncover more of the photoshop proof. But I want to thank her so much for confirming what we may have otherwise seen as just propaganda by those of us who don’t have the ability to uncover the botched photoshop job. In private conversation, Rachel said they could have avoided getting busted with such a blatant forgery if they’d only printed it and scanned it back into a pdf before sharing. As we can see, even their attempts at forgery are badly done.

Faked BC released by Obama 4/27/2011

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Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis part 3 Comedy Skit

After all the articles i have written explaining, why the global debt crisis is getting worse in a really serious matter. I figured why don’t I do a comedy skit on economic terrorism today. Most of you know i do a lot of articles on the economy.

How do I view today’s US economy (besides war and bombing the shit out of country especially if your country is full of brown people)? Today’s economy I see it is made of 7 cheeseburgers and a side order of fries. What does 7 cheeseburgers and fries equate to? (let’s not forget the aspartame!)




*Snaps fingers* You got yourself a nice fucking snooki stupid!

Now speaking of Snooki, let’s say that if every American were ought to watch the Jersey Shore every Thursday at 10 pm on MTV. How much money will it do to pay each episode to fight off a $200 trillion dollar debt problem in the US? What should the name of MTV channel ought to be? Mostly Trash Viewing channel because everything you see is nothing is brainwashing wannabees making themselves look good and getting arrest whenever it supports the partying up culture.

Here is another show that the US economy is made of, The wannabees that has a brain sized that is like the mind of Snooki or worse a pea sized brained then you have a false idol that they idolized like Lady Gaga. Geeze fucking christ!




The Theme Song of American Idol



Geeze fucking christ! Worse part is imagine if an individual is singing a song that you loved when you were young and really leaves a bitter pill to swallow. You know about that shit? yeah yeah! They do them now.

Imagine if that was all the things that can generate the mostly trash viewing channel with all the revenue. They will still need to generate another $180 plus trillion to cover more stupidity knockoff shows. They can’t get enough! It is like someone *does fart sound* dumping more stupid shows at your face and then your body smell like a sewer. Geeze louis! Time for a febreeze or spray at their eyes to blind them. Hollywood or not, the real owners want you dumbed down and obedient, that is what they want all the day so they can benefit their own interest and criminal friends on wall street.

Speaking of economics (now we are shifting to wall street), there is a special type of bullshit that has been placing hold on our country in the last 100 plus years, It is called financial terrorism. What is the definition of financial terrorism? It is this obsessive money junkies that can’t get enough of moola. This obsessive devotion to money! Even the simple act of passing it down to the bottom 99% has been taken away.

I am going to do a demonstration of the slinky (Free Market Capitalism vs Financial terrorism capitalism) to prove the real financial terrorists in this country compared that to FDR with the glass-steagall act. I have a slinky in my hands. *You hold the slinky on both sides with both hands horizontally. Move your hands up and down while that is happening* Then I say this is an example of winners and losers, risks/rewards, profits/losses. This was supposed to have fair competition. But of course you have the Rothschild control federal reserve, then the existence of Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Citigroup, *does the slinky now holding the bottom end of on the left hand, and letting the other end of the slinky go to my left hand* We got your money sucker! OHHHHHH SLAVEEEEE!!!!!! *AFTER LETTING GO OF THE SLINKY* OF COURSE

Here is an example of the slinky from the Keiser Report Episode 134 you will get the point

This is what we have in our country today, The real owners like the kings, queens, oligarchy, Rothschild, big bankers on wall street to UK, etc, controlling 80% of what we do. How do they get there?

Of course conditioning school! From kindergarten, elementary where it encourages victimization! Then from middle school then High School. Of course training how to be a suicide banker and lie all the time. Then college this is where i am GETTING BIG PROBLEMS! The neo-liberal or the neo-con model whatever you may think is being shove up by the red, white, and blue dick up our asses everyday pounded to learn a certain degree of lying and terrorizing.

Our kids are sent to snooki bootcamp, science bootcamp, or suicide bombing/martyrs bootcamp, whatever the fuck that is? Martyrs bootcamp isn’t that where all the ivy leaguers go? You know? OH!

Here is another ordeal, a lot of people will say a college degree will get you a lot of money, and get you a nice piece of living and a chance to be like the top 1% of the pyramid. As if to convince themselves that a college degree will get you a lot of money (then masters), and i kept saying FUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK YOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! A college degree will not translate to a nice salary. Have you taken a look at this country today with 22% and these pigs at the top can’t get enough it is almost like someone is telling you slow down on the GMO big macs or you will get a heart attack. Well it happened.

I really love how these politically correct ideas crash and burn in the shithouse. Then just inject more drugs to feed their agenda. And hey that may get you a place in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award. Or should I say Time magazine’s scumbag of the year. Look at everyone from Zionist CIA Darpa program Mark Zuckenberg, Obama, Bernanke. Everyone i see on time magazine is a financial terrorist in someway well except JFK was on time magazine

but he was there for a good cause of course said it for the wrong reasons for beating Nixon. HOW ABOUT having a REAL PRESIDENT FOR A CHANGE!


Then you begin to wonder about the people that on a time magazine, Here is what i think of? Forget Time Magazine. You know what they should be on? A Pin-Up Girl on PLAYBOY magazine! Then "and (you) be like wow look at her "she looks like shes fucking everybody!"

"we have to continously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he’" My friend Ashford Miner. I give a lot of credit with ideas like these.

No wonder  my friend Suzanne Mchenry told me, the national emblem of this country ought to be a condom because the governments that are being controlled by major corporations shoves their own national colors dick up your asshole everyday! As George Carlin once said "Then beat you over the head in what do believe, what to think. The real owners of this country know it. It is called the American Dream and you have to be asleep to believe it".

Next comedy skit: We love war!

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: The National Emblem of this country

You know how there is the saying of this country the national emblem of this country (as in the USA) is the Bald Eagle.

Another saying The people statue in Mount Rushmore who were the people on Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Also the founding fathers, who drafted the constitution George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. Today when I have been talking on this on facebook all day is about the National Emblem. So know i am going to start my article on this the National Emblem myth and a little comedy skit. Before that of course let’s start off with another George Carlin clip on Fat People.


I have left a poll question and a status so far i got great ideas like from Tristan Howell like "A crying sloth holding 13 credits cards in one claw and 13 tv remotes in another one"? That was a great one because i see people buying things that they don’t have the money for so they can max our their credits and pay something with 18% for the rest of their lives that cost $1250. Not too bright folks. There were another few other ideas one from Patriot Rebel "The Grim Reaper", I would agree on that as well given the fact we have a "death sentence" in our hands. The death sentence is about the debt bubble the fatal bubble.

In my opinion, I view this nation today as the big mac (from mcdonalds) because many people are so obsessed with with the big mac burger. The most popular fast food burger in America (I think). There are other heart attacking meals similar to it like the pizza burger (think of it has a big burger with all the usual ingredients and some things that the restaurant or in the case Burger King will spice it up. Around the average pizza slice in an average pizzeria then they slice them up into 8 slices or whatever and you eat them).

The pizza burger only available in NYC now pulled from the market for some reason. This Pizza Burger 2500 calories that is a complete meal for one day! That is just as the average calorie intake a person should take in a day!

Link see here


Another response was the pirate flag good one it is being taken over by corporations and the OWO family oligarchs.

Then one final example a pyramid with the eye. Those are just some of the examples that I have chosen all of them are good (I will pick the best one but it is impossible because it is all good).

Now to the political satire comedy skit (most of it from George Carlin from the clip on Fat People. Some from my own words).

People are fucking dumb! You can say whatever you want about this country, I love this country, I love it when it didn’t take a fucking catastrophe to care for one another. yeah! You are smart, and seem perspective! But everyone else HOLY JUMPING FUCKING SHITBALLS! Dumb than a second coat of paint! This ain’t just ranting and raving. I got little evidence to support my claim. If you thought to look at mount rushmore of the famous people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Fuck that shit it is the Jersey Shore cast of the most "famous" people, it is now the national popular past time fuck sports, it’s the jersey shore. The only living grace out of this forget the USA it is now the USS or United States of Snooki eating beyond their beyonds, having big houses that can support 3 families and these gas guzzlers! GEEZE! nothing worse! They think it is cool to pick your nose, get your credit card out of your fanny pack and shopping.

The last part of the national past time BUYING THINGS! buying things! People spending money they don’t have things they don’t need, money they don’t have so you can max our credit and pay something for the rest of your life 18% interest that cost $1250. Not too bright folks, not too fucking bright. If you separated them and sit them down rationally talk to them about the low IQ’s dumb behaviors, right away they talk about education. That is the big answer to everything education. Education! They say we need more book more money for schools, we need more testing for the kids. You say to them well we have done all that and we still can’t pass the kids. They will say don’t you worry about that? We are going to lower the passing grade. That is what they do in a lot of these schools, they lower the passing grades so more students pass. More students pass, everyone looks good, the school looks good, the IQ’s of this country drops another 2 or 3 points! And pretty soon all you need to get into college is a fucking pencil. Got a pencil, get the fuck in there. It’s Physics. Then everyone wonders why 17 well 23 countries now graduated more scientists than we do! EDUCATION! POLITICIANS know that word and use that word on you, education traditionally hidden behind 3 things: the flag, the bible, and children. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (2 TIMES), oh really we were talk about giving kids a head start. Head start, left behind someone is losing fucking ground here.

Here is another thing they shove up the big red, white, and blue dick up your asshole on you on education: (from my status yesterday) "Here is another thing that the real owners controlling the government jabbed the red, white, and blue dick into our asses everyday: education is a ticket to success. REALLY? I will always prove it with my flawless logic! If education is a ticket out that produces a lot of nobel laureates, 10 US presidents, countless of great americans, well what have they done to change where we are? NOTHING! Except bombing the shit out of countries that have brown people (no racism intended), sweetest crude oil, and put in and out dictators like garbage in garbage out. the people who tried to takedown the system were killed like MLK, Malcolm X, etc"!

Forget the founding fathers and mount rushmore famous icons. You know what the people ought to be in those icons the cast of the jersey shore (mount rushmore) , and the corporations that control america the real owners. Not the founding fathers. That is all they can think of!

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

The next comedy skit the economy skit!

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Tiger Street Journal: Jesse Ventura at Fresh Meadows 4-6-11

Here are some pictures from last night from Jesse Ventura’s New Book “63 documents the government doesn’t want you to read”


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