Tiger Street Journal: Economic Rehab comedy skit

My last article on the Debt Ceiling = Banker Shakedown 2.0

During the last 10 days to nearly let’s say over the last 18 months, The very few people know the collapse is coming and the debt ceiling theater was another banker shakedown as I mentioned it in my last article and Marc Faber today on CNBC has pointed out all along that I and other people have known all along. The leaders who desperately want this global ponzi scheme to continue going with the fiat money will collapse (via the helper of our wall street bankers of course). When that happens of course, they will take you to war. No wonder Marc Faber said a global "reboot" meaning that stocks will crash then reboot or bounce back. Think of it has a computer where sometimes a computer crashes then you have to reboot the computer until it goes back to normal. Sometimes it can be worse than it is because a Computer may have a major virus like the Trojan virus. Then you just reboot it until it works postponing a major computer repair.

In Economic terms with the global reboot, the central bankers will print a lot of money since they are so good at it since they are money junkies. This country will not be fixed unless we deal with the psychopaths and sociopaths from wall street and at the very top of the pyramid. Gerald Celente tweet  "’An unprecedented 1 in 66 Americans is a diagnosed psychotic. GC: And 99 out of 100 of them are politicians’".

And all of last week as you may have seen all this week and Thursday, what could be the start of the crash of 2011 unless the Federal Reserve prints more digital money not worth a paper being printed on (of course), when the Dow Thursday nosedived 513 points, S&P smacked 4.8%. Nasdaq plummeted 5.1%.

more photos of yesterday’s crash on wall street.

what a day it was yesterday!

Then yesterday S&P fires the first shot at the white house downgrading the US debt from AAA to AA+ and Ayman Al Geithner or Tim Geithner said the US will never get downgraded. Well they did.

Ayman Al Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden equals Ayman Al Geithner and Osama Bin Bernanke



Watch out for Europe as the global debt crisis really unraveling as Italy and Spain could be going down. Of course Germany will be balking as in not supporting the bailout for Italy and Spain.


10 reasons why America should be entering Economic Rehab comedy skit along with every other zombie nation

10. Bankers got another $2.1 trillion from the US "Debt Ceiling Theater" This week, World stock markets lost approximately $2.5 trillion in their market value. So the bankers got $4.6 trillion in their war chest to fund their final solution holocaust campaign (Forget what happened in 1945. This is MUCH WORSE).

9. Regarding the Celente Tweet "’An unprecedented 1 in 66 Americans is a diagnosed psychotic. GC: And 99 out of 100 of them are politicians’". My thought on this 99 out of 100 of them are bankers as well. Hey let’s feed them more drugs!

8. Headline: Marc Faber: "Next Week We Will See If Bernanke Is A True Money Printer Or Just An Amateur". Via Zero Hedge.

Like every other suicide banker from wall street now head of the federal reserve to the IMF or International Mafia Federation or the Celente joke "I M FUCKED" or some academic person heading the big power players like the IMF, etc. They will say in order to get out of major crisis we need to create more debt. Of course Bernanke will push the bad debts towards the rest of the 99% of the population.

If the fiat/global ponzi scheme falls as I stated earlier in the article the "leaders" will take you to war.


7. Their BFF Israel is having their problems of their own as Israelis are rioting because the housing prices have skyrocketed. Remember in the 2008 financial crisis: the cause was the artificial boom in housing that drove housing prices up the roof and made it impossible for people to buy a house UNLESS they took down no money down loans BUT INTEREST rates skyrocket. Hence easy lending. The only reason to keep Israelis in line is the billions of foreign aid provided by our beltway incompetents. All Netanyahu needs to do is commit a major attack on a country that is not within the status quo of the western quo (Details in the number 1 joke).

Link see here


6. When I think of ponzi schemes and bankers you are going to have to go to the big business news networks. One of the big business news channels. I don’t know about you but when I think of suicides and big business news, I’m thinking CNBC huh! I’m telling you CNBC. If the people in CNBC via GE are not coming up with ideas like that. They ain’t doing their got damn job over there. So you put this on CNBC and if you do get Goldman Sachs in there. You know Goldman Sachs is an investment company so people can think about gambling. Isn’t that fun gambling. 10 times better than a Las Vegas casino because they control the system. Goldman Sachs will be telling you buy this, sell that, fuck you they don’t care! They don’t give a shit about you and every now and then they qualify the whole ponzi scheme message: The fed matters. (Does the George Carlin fart sounds).

So you put this thing on CNBC and if you do or on any big business news broadcast networks you are going to have to bring in the younger audience. Everyone knows that. You are going to have to get the younger people interested in stock market trading. You know how you can get them interested in it. You don’t call it gambling. You call it GOING FOR BROKE trading! They would go for it!

Interesting all of the big names from wall street are trained from the Evil Triumvirate of Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

5. "Politicians don’t represent they only represent who gives them a lot of money in their pockets. That’s for only little kiddies to believe in". -Gerald Celente

4. see reason #8 QE3? After the credit downgrade by S&P. Ben Bernanke may print more $ to make up for the nearly $180 trillion plus in bad debts. IT IS TIME FOR ECONOMIC rehab see reason #3.

3. When America goes to economic rehab they will be saying "NO NO NO"!

2. America is made up today of Snooki Stupids, Gaga to death, and many Amy winehouse people as in addicts like money junkies, cry babies, etc.






1. When America reluctantly enters of economic rehab, Israel will give them a waiver because they will attack Iran (Jerusalem Post source next month) and America has a dick fear problem, When the people in any country rises up against the banker terrorists and the royal families, America mostly will attack them. The leaders will be saying "WHAT THEY HAVE BIGGER DICKS??!!! BOMB THEM!!!

One more side note: Anyone in the NY metro area please come to the rally in Harlem, NY to rally to end the illegal bombings in Libya. The rally is called  In Harlem Millions March to End Bombing of Libya ETC. This will be a rally next Saturday that is on August 13rd 2011 from 10 am to 6 PM. We Are Change NYC will be attending the event and so am I.

It is located on 110th street and Malcolm X blvd in Harlem NY right near the 2 and 3 trains.

As long as the political charade goes on in the debt ceiling issue Gold and Silver will salute to the collapse of America and the other nations.

Let’s say you are in a country not in China any country in that matter. You have to dump the US dollar before China does. Once China dumps it completely, the country with the most dollar holdings loses.

And already America lost its sovereignty to the bankers.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: OBL distraction part 2 The coming reality and what should you do to prepare (PLEASE REPOST)

Part 2 of the OBL or Osama Bin Laden Distraction already A LOT of big news stories especially the global debt crisis continues to Unravel!

Editor’s Note: Written first on Facebook at May 5th.

Plus not to mention today is Cinco De Mayo a holiday being celebrated by the US and Mexico!

So now double trouble.

The more stories they continue to alter on Bin Laden the more their creditability is lost. Of course they already had no creditability whatsoever to begin with and they are going to show you a winner this time. RIGHT!

The Quantitative Easing 2 that is going to end in June 2011 by the criminal federal reserve may become QE3 in a hurry because they want to boost stock prices so their criminal friends can continue to steal more money from the taxpayers and to crash the dollar for good.


Jobless claims the last 3 weeks have been skyrocketing a lot including thursday morning, the jobless claims went up to 474k. The last number it was higher was in August 2010. Note: They only count in the people who are on jobless benefits excluding the discouraged workers. In the past, jobless was defined by people who are not retired. Now jobless claims are defined as people who are on jobless benefits.

Bring out QE3!???

Then the housing market: The business media are starting to finally realize that the housing prices fell 80-90% when the financial crisis took shape in 2007 and 2008.

Housing market collapse
3d Illustration of the housing market recession

Then the bigger collapse coming: The US dollar collapse

Today the dollar is up because the Euro is down after ECB president Jeane Trichet held interest rates at 1.25% despite rampant inflation. So did the UK central bank at 0.5% and like I said the jobless claims skyrocketing.

It finished Thursday at 74.16 up 1.13 or 1.5% higher meaning i can buy .74 cents of stuff to the US dollar. Even though Silver got hammered down to $35 an ounce, it is still a buying opportunity of the dollar collapse and crash J.P. Morgan Buy Silver campaign. So is Gold too too even though a $42 drop to $1482 an ounce today, same reason dollar crash. Sweet Crude oil got hammered for $10 below the $100 a barrel level. It will go to $150-200 a barrel when the dollar collapses.

The biggest collapse the dollar collapse is coming because of the major debt load I have been reporting for a while from the previous article see here

As i reported in my previous article before the federal reserve will take pension funds from federal employees to delay the debt bubble bursts. It may not matter anyways because the total debt is $200 trillion conservatively because of all the wars, bailouts, and unfunded liabilities.

Written on Tuesday: "According to Market Watch website ‘Treasury said it would borrow money from federal employee pension funds on May 16 if there is no congressional action by then’".

Doesn’t matter at all!

Real time US debt clock see here


Now Africa: The coming ticking time-bomb of destruction

All eyes on Kenya and Uganda as hyperinflation takes a toll on the nations, In my last article i mentioned them to be in major problem

Kenya (supposedly Obama’s Birthplace): They are facing a massive cash storage, now fuel shortage with high food and energy prices = A ticking time-bomb waiting to happen!

Links see here




Now all eyes on Uganda as a Strike will be on tomorrow Wednesday as we speak according to the Daily Monitor to protest on a big government crackdown and high inflation all around. Already student protests shutters an university. Gerald Celente: Students and youths of the world unite 2011.

Links see here





Update on Kenya’s ticking timebomb:

Major fuel shortage reported already. Higher food and energy prices plus fuel and flour shortage you got yourself a major problem plus 40% unemployment!

Link see here


Uganda update: Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao was on Thursday morning arrested by police for the third time in a month for participating in “walk-to-work” protests. This is the same protest that is happening right now as people are walking to work in response to the spiraling cost of living. He was arrested for unlawful assembly. Then released 2 hours later today.

Links see here



People are being warned not to join the protests but late found out that the campaigns are led by ‘self-seekers’ who are paid huge amounts of money to destabilise the country. Police warned them of joining the protests but of course this is not going to stop because (Gerald Celente saying) "When people lose everything and they got nothing left to lose they lose it". We will see it unfold in the next few weeks or so.


What can you do to benefit the upcoming dollar collapse?

Move out of the big cities and flee to the suburbs or a farming town. Start farming your own non GMO/Organic seeds.

Buy Silver and Gold physical metals.

Also these items from the website and article 100 items to disappear first when the dollar crashes on the power hour website.


This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: Photoshopped evidence on Obama’s new birth certificate, released 4/27/2011

I just wanted to make sure that my friend’s analysis of the pdf file that was released from the W.H. was not lost in the FB abyss.  🙂

Following is links to proof of the photoshopping job done, and then after that are my friend’s personal analysis of the document, posted as comments on one of my original threads.

http://www.nkyvoice.com/2011/04/long-form-birth-certificate.html  She found evidence of these bits that are shown here in this article, where the author deconstructed it as well. So, she’s backed up his findings.

Again, she has confirmed this . . http://wireupdate.com/video/2011/04/president-obamas-birth-certificate-pdf-has-layers/

These are Rachel Roy’s comments as she deconstructed the document as we typed back and forth on FB, complete thread found here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1313785453#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=163116723747695&id=1313785453


From Rachel:

So I opened this document in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Under document setup, in the type menu, I see that the box for Export has two options…1. Preserve Text Editability or 2. Preserve test appearance. Option 1 is checked, meaning, the d…ocument text can be edited. Then ifEI go to Document Info, I see that the option to Preserve Text editibality is listed as one of the file information points. The simulate colored paper option is turned off.

I am also seeing a white background behind all the type that is kind of weird. If this was a real document, the typed letters would not be in a white block laid on top of the document background. The fact that this is there, indicates that the type has been run through an OCR process and dropped back onto the document.

The father’s birthplace is noted as Keny, East Africa…like Kenya is a city in East Africa…LOL….like a gen xer who never learned geography didn’t realize that Kenya is a country, NOT a city!

There are what appear to be pencil marks, some numbers, some x’s all over the document, including in the boxes 2-Sex, 3 -Single birth, 5B – Hr. of birth, 7G – residence, farm or plantation, 9-Race of Father, 11 – Birth place of father, 12a …- Usual Occupation of father, 12b – Kind of Business or Industry of father, 14 – Race of mother, 16-Birthplace of mother, 17a – type of occupation (of mother) during pregnancy, 17b-Date Last worked (mother). There is an unaligned line between boxes 15 and sixteen, and a scribbled out mess under the title of the signature of the attendent. I’m no handwriting expert, but it looks to me like the same person signed and dated the mother’s and the attendent’s signatures. If you look at the numbers 8 and 61, they are identical.

If I look at the actions file, it gets interesting…that’s like a history of all the stuff that was done to the image…..so starting at the top…each listed number will be a new command applied to the image…. 1. default folder (which …I am unable to open) 2. Opacity 60 (selection) 3. Opacity 40 screen (selection). Both of these commands indicate that certain items were selected and manipulated. 4. Apply default style (selection) 5. Save for Web GIF 64 dithered. 6. Save for web JPG Medium. 7. Save for Web PNG 24 8. Simplify (selection) 8. Simplify Straight (selection) then oops a mistake so 9. Revert (this would make the object go back to the most recently saved version. 10. Delete Unused Panel Items (musta forgot to get rid of some telltale marks) 11. Move dialog (selection) 12. Scale Dialog (selection) 13. Rotate Dialog (selection) 14. Rotate 90 CW (selection) 15. Shear Dialog (selection) 16. Reflect horizontal 17. Unite (selection) 17. Intersect (selection) 18. Exclude (selection) 19. Minus Front (selection) 20. Rasterize (selection) 21. Gaussian Blur Filter.

yep…this document has been well doctored….in my humble opinion! There would be no need for all those moves noted above it one was not altering text.

LINE 17a has the three letters Non pasted in before the letter e.

his document has text files that are linked into it, but they cannot be traced to an original source. This means that the original files are located in another place and they are not an original part of this document, like they would be if they were cut and then later pasted into this same document file.

The only K that is misaligned is the one in the mother’s birthplace..that is correct

Box 20 – date accepted by local registrar has also been doctored.

Holy shit…all the file names have been deleted…but one of the link files is the date Aug-8 196 There is no 1 to make it 1961 which means it was probably the addition to box 20. When I look closely at that, it is obvious that the number 1 is darker and bolder than the rest of the date.

The next alteration link is pasted into box 22 – date accepted by Reg. General. The text Aug 8 6 was pasted in, and then since it was slightly skewed, I’m thinking that scaling and rotating steps noted above would have been used to realign it with the rest of the text.

I truly cannot believe what I am seeing

Its like Illustrator 101


Rachel is still working with the original pdf to see if she can uncover more of the photoshop proof. But I want to thank her so much for confirming what we may have otherwise seen as just propaganda by those of us who don’t have the ability to uncover the botched photoshop job. In private conversation, Rachel said they could have avoided getting busted with such a blatant forgery if they’d only printed it and scanned it back into a pdf before sharing. As we can see, even their attempts at forgery are badly done.

Faked BC released by Obama 4/27/2011

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