Tiger Street Journal on the Debt Ceiling Theater: Debt Ceiling = Banker Shakedown 2.0

This title on the debt ceiling theater Debt Ceiling Hostage = Banker Shakedown 2.0. Already a lot of fear mongering on all sides including from the Bankers on Wall Street to the Federal Reserve down in Washington.

       So far in this Debt Ceiling Theater Ayman Al Geithner or Tim Geithner* has reaffirmed his threats of don’t raise the debt ceiling, the US economy will crash. Well what he meant to say is "Give me $12 trillion to solve the debt crisis or I will blow all your heads off". That is call the suicide threat you hold everyone hostage and kill everyone including yourself to get the money to your top friends.

       Now I know what you are thinking, why I said Debt Ceiling = Banker Shakedown 2.0 because the bankers are holding us hostage because the ponzi scheme are collapsing so they have to come up with another hostage situation that they created themselves to put it back on us. Most of the debt that we have not $14.3 trillion but $180 trillion plus in debt is owned by the bankers and the governments doing all the illegal wars from Afghanistan to Somalia.

  When America goes to Economic Rehab they will be singing: NO NO NO! (Note the late singer Amy Winehouse song from Rehab)


Now the Congress and the Senate is saying NO NO NO! -Fred French.

      When all else fails or economic rehab or whatever, they take you to war!

    It is called dick fear no less!

When a country grows a big dick questioning and fighting back against the US draconian policies funding monarchs, oligarchs, dictators, etc around the world, the US will say this: "What they have bigger dicks?!!! BOMB THEM!!" Sadly they will face these facts below:      

      The ceiling is not the problem, it is the debt of over $180 trillion plus ($166 trillion of "hidden" debt). How is it over $180 trillion in US debt? We know that

– $115 trillion in the unfunded liabilities

– $28 trillion in the banker bailouts (now did the $16 trillion emergency lent by the Federal Reserve was part of the $28 trillion shakedown or a separate bill but part of the shakedown part 1 now totaling $44 trillion. We may never know).


Note this was an one time audit by the Government Accountability Office inserted in the bill by Bernie Sanders under the 2010 financial reform bill. So now what one audit only $16 trillion lent during the great recession and no more audits after it. Gee the Federal Reserve will do a lot more damage if they can’t be stopped.

– God knows how much wars have cost over 10 plus years. 50 years ago the business model of America is business. NOW the business of America is basically war.

$30 trillion lost in the housing market crash of 2008 but the number will fully be recognized when the housing market crashes 36-48 months after the initial financial attack.

Fannie and Freddie Mac $5 trillion.

Now $180 trillion is total national debt and there IS NO PLAN to quote on quote solve the debt crisis. The republicans and the democrats have nothing to show! NOT EVEN THE TEA PARTY backed by the Koch Brothers. We have been held hostage on both sides. The Federal Reserve has a gun at our heads along with their banker friends from Wall Street.

It is like the little dot in a youtube video that controls the rest of the 99% of the pyramid. (I forgot what was the actual video but it explains it perfectly).

Of course they will try to crash the stock market well an economic false flag or maybe a terror attack false flag to make the people rally around the president to raise the debt ceiling link.

*Note Ayman Al Zawahiri is Al-CIA-EDA #2 man. Tim Geithner is Bernake’s right hand man in the federal reserve treasury.

Pictures see here

Tim Osman and his AL-CIA-EDA number 2 man = Osama Bin Bernanke and Ayman Al Geithner

"History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme." -Mark Twain as you see right here.

Amy Winehouse + Snooki Stupid = America.

    +  =  

As long as the political charade goes on in the debt ceiling issue Gold and Silver will salute to the collapse of America and the other nations.

Let’s say you are in a country not in China any country in that matter. You have to dump the US dollar before China does. Once China dumps it completely, the country with the most dollar holdings loses.

And already America lost its sovereignty to the bankers.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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US Debt Ceiling Limit in a Cartoon!


Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis severe quickening part 2: Dollar under attack. (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE, IF POSSIBLE)

Part 1 of the Global Debt Crisis S&P downgrade

The Global Debt Crisis has really quickening over this week as S&P downgrades US debt outlook as negative not because the infrastructure is broken but the banks are really strong??!!! REALLY the system is broken. It is like the plumbing system. The plumbing system is broken. What do you do? fix the damn plumbing system even if it means replacing an old system and replacing it with a new system. All the federal reserve does is print this digital money out of thin air and pretend money as in water. The federal reserve loves it when money/water comes out of the sink and plenty of it! While the average individual in an household his or her basement gets flooded and then the flood comes out of their basement into the rooms and boom property is destroyed for good! That is what the federal reserve wants homeless people, and throw them off rooftops!

Another George Carlin clip to start off basically the same clip from Part 1 of the Global Debt Crisis series stories on "Who Really Controls America"

Just today, I was going through my economic news stacks already i just saw the dollar index chart it fell to $73.74 meaning I can buy a US dollar (one dollar for only $.73 worth of stuff. What could a dollar get you nowadays………not much except maybe a NY daily newspaper Monday through Friday ($.50). This is the lowest level since March 2008. Here is an interday chart it broke at $73.74 at 5:27 am eastern time.

Image provided via CNBC

And here is a picture/chart of the Dollar since the federal reserve’s existence.

the dollar chart

Today Gold closed at $1505.70, Silver closed at $46.61. Like I said the dollar index plummeted to a 3 year low. It fell versus all the major currencies Euro, Yen, Swiss, Franc, etc. Of course the Dow Jones Industrial Average went up today of course all the investors are going to the Dow Jones as a safety? REALLY? You mean any of the Dow Jones 30 stocks. Boy i see anyone who went in there will get suckered big time when the dollar collapses and a stock is absolutely worthless!

Link see here


The dollar further weakness by the Federal Reserve and of the old world order elite will drive gas to $6 a gallon. Bernanke said it is Transitory, he is a liar! He is the pinup girl of an ugly dumb image. If i looked at him as a pin-up girl GOD HELP me with a lot of hair on Bernanke’s Legs and just as Blankfein of Goldman Sachs if he was on there. Of course CNBC has no credibility because they grobble down to these scums!


Meanwhile MSM news is projecting that Gold could rise to $1700 an ounce by 2015. REALLY? Try sometime this year and Gold to be at $2000. As Gerald Celente said "It is a very simple formula: The more digital money they (the fed) kept printing, the higher gold goes". Already it did just that $1500. $1700 is not too far off.


Of course, there has been talk of a new world currency by Angela Merkel of Germany and Nick Sarkozy of France, and China for a while.

How is going to happen besides the Federal Reserve or Who is going to do this as well?

George Soros. How?

Remember in Bretton Woods in New Hampshire about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Even though of course there was little media coverage, this has been a significant event for Americans for years!

Who else will attack the Dollar?

The International Monetary Fund or IMF, they already terrorized all nations except Iceland and the last stop will be the US of course it will be!

IF you do invest in gold and silver, here is one suggestion Marc Faber would tell you. Do not leave it in your home or in any major bank vault. It is a robbery and labeled as a domestic terrorist label waiting to happen!

From my last article and CNBC links

"Be your own ‘central’ bank" as in be self sufficient and put all your money in gold, silver, and a little bit on cash. BUT Faber also advised to his people to put it offshore as in vaults other than the US because the US authorities will discover it and arrest you on the spot. This is what is happening now.

Story see here


Remember the North Carolina man who was arrested for making his own silver currency? You know how attorneys, secret agents, etc protects the crime bosses, they don’t want you to be protect when the real SHTF!

If you own gold and silver (even making your own) you are a domestic terrorist.

If you defend yourself against a burglar you are a terrorist.

The story on the "Liberty Dollar Scandal" see the video and story


This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

Go into gold and silver cheap while you can!

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Tiger Street Journal: The Global Debt Crisis a turn for the worse (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE, AND SHARE)

In the last few months, I have been explaining the global debt crisis right here on my profile page and fan pages i administered (Andrew Tiger Lee and fcuk the new world order). It should be Old World Order. Someone gave me the page as New World Order. It is the Old World Order.

The global debt crisis has taken for a turn for the worst and has quicken big time from the European Debt Crisis reigniting already Portugal’s Government has collapsed and it will be a matter of time before a revolution fires up there to a shocking admission by the Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon. The only reason why we haven’t faced the REAL hyperinflation is because the companies were absorbing a lot of the costs. Companies were reporting tight “margin calls” aka absorbing a lot of the higher costs to keep prices like clothes, foods, energy, etc.The company firms admit they were squeezed. This is a simple formula: The more digital money the fed kept prints the higher the costs go.

The national inflation association has reported on this matter see here:

The story I will start is Portugal, just last week their government voted on massive austerity measures last Thursday. That ended up on the way side as it failed and the Prime Minister Jose Socrates officially resigned. Then it will be the usual ugly cycle of a humiliating “bailout“, in which all it does just creates more bubbles and more. The European Union is playing the same fed game flooding the world with cheap currency or digital money. The Portugal government has junk bonds that are worthless like the federal reserve. The EU broke a lot of laws as they created like the Master and the Lisbon Treaties where they are not allowed to buy up bad debts to help nations AND they are not allowed to bailout nations that made bad bets.


Spain, Ireland, Greece, France, and Germany they are all next in line for trouble ahead.

Shift gears let’s talk about the US debt crisis. In the US debt crisis, I can’t figure out to this day how we as a nation that has a Debt to GDP ratio 1400% and we are still alive in this nation.

In Wednesday’s Article regarding about 1400% debt to GDP in regarding to the National Inflation Association response to a Harvard Economics Professor’s article in the toilet paper of record the NY times called “It’s 2026 and the debt is due”. The title, the average individual who is not aware will say “oh that is 15 years from now, why should we worry about it”. But the real aware individual’s standpoint, it will be 1000 times different because he or she will say “It is already happening”! There is so much insurmountable evidence to prove it, the banker bailout or the heist total $28 trillion. The unfunded liabilities over $113 trillion. We are supporting Fannie and Freddie mac with all the house loans. Count in all the wars, unaccounted from the department of defense and more. We are looking at $200 trillion in debt! You can’t refute any damning evidence.

The links see below

The “Mankiw” analysis

My Analysis and NIA’s

Last Saturday, we know there were a quarter million people taking it to the streets in the UK protesting the big austerity measures. Here is this saying from Gerald Celente “When the money stops flowing to main street, the blood starts to flow on the streets”. We are seeing this happening from Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, to Libya, UK, Greece, and others.

The first major victory in the global insurrection against banker occupation GOES to the Netherlands for a BIG online boycott against ING bank that was twittered. The CEO Jan Hommen, ING’s chief executive, was due to receive a £1m bonus or 1 million pounds, that is over $1.5 million. Then the customers at Dutch bank ING threatened to collectively withdraw deposits in protest against bonuses awarded to executives. They were stopped. A bank run. I am asking all facebookers to withdraw all their money from big banks. We don’t negotiate with financial terrorists. The CEO’s don’t serve a bonus in any matter.


It is featured at the 11:40-12:28 marker on the Keiser Report.

4 more headlines, I want to bring this to you, first one investors are fleeing the dollar and going to the Dow 30 stocks or the Dow Jones. The reason why the market is rigged of course is because the Federal Reserve continues to print digital money out of thin air. This is like going from the Lusitania to the Titanic or some other doomed ship.


3rd to final: The jobs data another April fools joke, they said we created 218,000 jobs, but where was the millions of jobs were supposed to be created and drive down the unemployment rate below 7%. *cricket cricket* The REAL unemployment rate is 22% even (shadowstats.com). My stats include the people serving around the world, it will be around 25-28% give or take. The civilian participation rate is still at a 25 year low of 64.2%. Also if you take out the upward biases used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS known as the birth death model. The BLS overestimated a big margin probably by 260k jobs. We lost 40k for the month.


2nd to final headlines: The Hypocrisy look at my statuses from last night

“wow the hypocrisy in front of our eyes! NATO aka the US just killed 40 more people in air strikes! A central bank established by the libyan rebels backed by the US, gee we know how to fuck people! when you are fucking with people, you got to stay in there fuck them good! FUCK THEM ALL THE WAY! FUCK EM UNTIL THE END! FUCK THEM TO DEATH! (3 TIMES) Stay in there (and keep fucking them) until they are all dead!” Another George Carlin featured saying again in my article.

Then another one

“In today’s schools, We teach our kids to be ‘snooki’ stupid, swindle and beat our elders to death, putting a gun at our heads at will, go to college to learn to become a good slave, or if you go to one of the evil triumvirate colleges Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, you get to do all that PLUS bombing brown people! Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Iran you got brown people in your country tell them to watch the fuck out! OR we will got damn bomb them! In my university of ‘REAL LIFE’ or ‘hard knocks’ i have certain rules i live by, my first rule (goes for anyone) i don’t believe anything the government tells me! NOTHING! ZERO! Second Question Authority”

(no racism intended on this post).

With all the sarcasm aside in the things i said with a George Carlin flare

The George Carlin Flare where i got it from:

Here are the things that I said are true:

Libyan Rebels established a new central bank in Libya backed by NATO aka the US


US admits killing Libyan Citizens


The Federal Reserve bailed out European banks and more.

If you want to know who is front running the banks go to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase. Why do you think Ben Bernanke stonewalled Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the video clip. He said “We have given upwards of $2 trillion you have to tell me who got the money. Bernanke said “I won’t tell you”!


Then in 2009 we bailed out Libya? FOR WHAT?


Anyone who supported the Dodd-Frank Financial reform bill it is nothing but more lies and secrecy.

The final headline probably the biggest one “Wal-Mart US CEO To America: “Prepare For Serious Inflation”

According to yesterday’s interview on US today: Bill Simon the Wal Mart CEO said we will face SERIOUS inflation in months. Those are very big words.

In September 2010, Zero Hedge and John Williams stated on the record it will happen between March and June.

In July 2010, I said we are going to face real trouble from the debt bubble and hyperinflation.

According to the article via zero hedge

The world’s largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its low-cost business model will position it better than its competitors.

Still, inflation is “going to be serious,” Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a meeting with USA TODAY’s editorial board. “We’re seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.”

Along with steep increases in raw material costs, John Long, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, says labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers. He predicts prices will start increasing at all retailers in June.

“Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along,” Long says. “Except for fuel costs, U.S. consumers haven’t seen much in the way of inflation for almost a decade, so a broad-based increase in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory.”

First go back to the NIA video posted from earlier about the BLS numbers and inflation earlier. Second of all the cost of living is up on average over 5%. Second, the companies absorbed all the costs.


The solutions: Food Storage at least 6 months i say at least 1 year. (go to e-foods direct website at http://www.efoodsdirect.com/)

Gold, Silver, and some other precious metals will go up.

Swiss Franc is a great play for the long run over the US dollar.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: NIA Responds to Harvard Economics Professor About Inflation via Frank Gonzalez (PLEASE REPOST)

My Friend Frank Gonzalez who let me use his article to pass it along.

This link from the so called papers of record the NY times will prove the dirty business of the evil triumvirate Harvard, Princeton, Yale. Note Also this was stated on the record by Gerald Celente many times. Then another saying Bullets, Bombs, and Banks. Who is running the federal reserve? A Princeton man Ben Bernanke. Who is running wall street see above the evil triumvirate. Who is running the government SAME THING!

This proves extremely well how ivy league college education is CRAP–even HARVARD or any college in that matter the college fraud.

NIA Responds to Harvard Economics Professor About Inflation

from this link see here


and the article written by Gregory Mankiw


Harvard economics professor Gregory Mankiw wrote an article that was published in the NY Times yesterday entitled, "It’s 2026, and the Debt Is Due". In this article, Mankiw gave a hypothetical Presidential address the President of the U.S. might make in the year 2026 after a failed bond auction. Mankiw’s hypothetical Presidential address takes place in a scenario where in the year 2026, the U.S. Treasury "tried to auction its most recent issue of government bonds" but "almost no one was buying." According to Mankiw’s hypothetical speech, during this 2026 crisis the President will admit, "The private market will lend us no more."

Unfortunately, Professor Mankiw fails to understand that the U.S. has zero chance of surviving until the year 2026. What Mankiw predicts will happen 15 years from now is already happening today right under his nose, but somehow he fails to realize it.

The public today has already stopped buying U.S. treasuries. The Pimco Total Return Fund, which was the largest private holder of U.S. government bonds, has just reduced their holdings down to zero. The private sector was buying 30% of U.S. treasuries, but today is no longer buying at all. The Federal Reserve is currently buying 70% of U.S. treasuries. If it wasn’t for the Federal Reserve buying U.S. treasuries, we would already be experiencing failed bond auctions today.

According to Mankiw, the President will say in 2026, "Today, most of the large baby-boom generation is retired. They are no longer working and paying taxes, but they are eligible for the many government benefits we offer the elderly." The fact is, the last baby-boomer turned 46 years old in 2010 and 46 is the age in which the average American reaches peak consumer spending. Therefore, even though most baby-boomers might not be retired, baby-boomer spending is now in free-fall while baby-boomers are simultaneously signing up for entitlement programs at record pace. This will begin to affect our economy today, not 15 years from now.

Mankiw’s hypothetical speech has the President admitting in 2026 that we "have to cut Social Security immediately, especially for higher-income beneficiaries. Social Security will still keep the elderly out of poverty, but just barely" and we "have to limit Medicare and Medicaid. These programs will still provide basic health care, but they will no longer cover many expensive treatments. Individuals will have to pay for these treatments on their own or, sadly, do without." The truth is, if the U.S. government cut 100% of all spending except for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, we would still have a budget deficit from these entitlement programs and interest payments on our debt alone. If the U.S. wants to prevent hyperinflation and survive until 2026, we need to make major cuts to these programs today. By 2026, it will be over a decade too late and these programs will no longer exist at all.

Mankiw’s hypothetical 2026 Presidential address goes on to say that "over the last several years" the U.S. has experienced a "vicious circle of rising budget deficits" and "as the ratio of our debt to gross domestic product reached ever-higher levels, investors started getting nervous". Does Mankiw realize that the U.S. just reported a budget deficit for the month of February 2011 of $222.5 billion, more than the entire fiscal year of 2007? In our opinion, our budget deficits can’t rise much more viciously than what they already are today, without the U.S. experiencing an outbreak of hyperinflation. We need to begin sharply reducing our deficits immediately or else hyperinflation this decade is inevitable.

Our real debt to GDP ratio in the U.S. today is already north of 500% when you include unfunded liabilities for entitlement programs, as well as other commitments like the backing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It will simply be impossible for this figure to rise much higher without the U.S. experiencing hyperinflation. NIA believes that unless the U.S. government completely eliminated Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, there is no way the U.S. government will be able to stay afloat for another 15 years with such an unprecedented level of debt.

In 2026, Mankiw believes the President will admit that, "Our efforts to control health care costs have failed." He suggests the President will proclaim that, "We must now acknowledge that rising costs are driven largely by technological advances in saving lives. These advances are welcome, but they are expensive nonetheless." Does Professor Mankiw own a laptop computer, plasma TV, or mobile phone? These technologies are improving by leaps and bounds yet prices are falling. Technological advances are not driving health care costs higher! It is the government’s involvement in the health care sector and their failure to allow the free market to operate that is driving health care costs through the roof.

Professor Mankiw believes the President will continue by saying, "We have to cut health insurance subsidies to middle-income families." NIA believes it is the very same subsidies Mankiw is referring to that are driving health care costs sky high. It is just like in the college education industry. If the government didn’t provide subsidies for students to learn voodoo Keynesian economic theories from professors like Mankiw, college tuitions would be a lot more affordable.

To solve this supposed 2026 crisis, Mankiw believes the President will announce, "We will raise taxes on all but the poorest Americans. We will do this primarily by broadening the tax base, eliminating deductions for mortgage interest and state and local taxes. Employer-provided health insurance will hereafter be taxable compensation." Although NIA believes employer-provided health insurance should be taxable compensation because it would end the employer based health insurance system and make health insurance cheaper for all Americans, we believe it will be impossible for the government to raise any additional revenues from tax increases. We are at a point where any additional taxes will drive economic activity overseas and result in less tax receipts. When hyperinflation soon arrives, taxes will become irrelevant. The government will fund over 99% of its spending by printing money and less than 1% from taxation.

Mankiw also believes the President in 2026 will, "increase the gasoline tax by $2 a gallon. This will not only increase revenue, but will also address various social ills, from global climate change to local traffic congestion." Come 2026, gasoline will probably cost $20,000 per gallon, if we are lucky. An additional $2 gasoline tax will be absolutely pointless and meaningless.

Mankiw suggests that the President in 2026 will, "secure from the I.M.F. a temporary line of credit to help us through this crisis." The I.M.F. recently sold a large percentage of its gold reserves and by 2026 will likely be broke. Even if the I.M.F. was still around 15 years from now and did provide the U.S. with a line of credit that helps it survive the crisis, the largest line of credit the I.M.F. could possibly financially provide would only support a U.S. government that is less than 1/10 of its size today. Therefore, NIA believes the U.S. government should begin dramatically reducing its size immediately, before it is in need of a line of credit from the I.M.F.

It would be nice to think that the U.S. will be able to borrow and print money for another 15 years to fund endless budget deficits and that 2026 is some magical year when all of our debts will come due. The economy does not work this way and it is disgraceful that our nation’s most prestigious ivy league schools are teaching such dangerous economic principles. Considering that a large percentage of our highest ranking government officials graduated from Harvard, it really explains a lot when you look at who is teaching economics at Harvard. Mankiw is the same professor who in April of 2009 called for the Federal Reserve to implement negative interest rates. Mankiw called for savers to be punished and for all Americans with $100,000 in the bank to have only $98,000 one year later.

It is the destructive Keynesian theories of economists like Mankiw that have gotten the U.S. economy into the dire situation it is in today. Mankiw and other professors like him are brainwashing American students into believing that forcing people to spend is the key to a healthy economy and the way to solve all economic problems is to create a lot of inflation. All across America, students are graduating colleges with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, no jobs, and no idea of how the economy actually works. They will spend the rest of their lives paying off their debts and trying to get the false economic information they were taught out of their heads. The college education system in America is the single largest fraud that exists today, and NIA is going to expose the truth about the government’s conspiracy to turn American students into debt slaves in our next feature documentary, coming in April.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us/

My point of view on this: It is not that he (Mankiw) is Keynesian, The Harvard economics professor is a hack, he’s just full of hot air. They don’t have evidence to prove their points like another Harvard hack in the NY times Paul Krugman.

I do agree 1000% on the NIA’s information. Yes the only things are rising is food and energy. Electronics are going down all the mainstream media pundits admit that but won’t admit the food and energy crisis.

NIA is right that the debt is north of 500% Debt to GDP ratio. My calculations from my articles i have mentioned many times before the total debt is conservatively $200 trillion. Note to all facebookers the debt ceiling is at $14.294 trillion. I have the total Debt to GDP at get this? (You may see a respirator after this or a big puke bag the size of the empire state building) It is about 1400% Debt to GDP ratio.  How did i get this number?

Count bailouts

Banker Bailout $28 trillion

Fannie and Freddie Mac $5 trillion plus

Reviving the housing market that is about $30 trillion

The war in Libya almost $1 billion a day.

Bank of America Foreclosure gate scandal $6 trillion

The three wars we are fighting is about countless but i say $10-12 trillion and count the defense budget of $1.5-2 trillion.

The unfunded liabilities over $113 trillion.

The US total debt including the federal spending and all the personal debt credit card, consumer debt, etc. is around $55.3 trillion.

So that is actually north of $200 trillion. about $230 trillion of US debt on top of an economy that supports itself on 10 cheeseburgers, a side of fries and aspartame (soda)!

The biggest scam next to global warming or above in my opinion is Education as a whole. I really love how they teach you the stupid junk in school like Gerald Celente said "WW I was started because of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand" It did not. It was a breakdown of the systems. What we see now are "brush fires". Brush fire in Tunisia, Brush fire in Wisconsin, Brush fire in Egypt, Brush fire in Yemen, Brush fire in Libya, etc. I can just go on and on!

College fraud Education Fraud look at my articles i wrote see these links

"Tiger Street Journal 7 cheeseburgers, fries, and $2.5 quadrillion black hole: The Corrupted Education System"

Tiger Street Journal Education Fraud Revealed

Some more George Carlin

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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