Tiger Street Journal: America the beautiful comedy skit

As we all know the rise of the America we used to know in the early 20th century was business. No wonder we were the world’s reserve currency because the US dollar was backed by Gold after World War II. But after Nixon closed the gold standard in 1971, that is when you saw the paper money experimentation for 40 years and fiat money meaning backed by nothing. That said, it is like monopoly money where you can add or subtract the value of your currency at ease. Gold is a currency that cannot be manipulated. They can be suppressed but they can’t for too long. Gold is money except if you are a Bernanke. Now today the business of America is war. Follow the line: Crash of 1929, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, then WW II. The next line Panic of 2008, Great Recession/Depression (The only reason why we haven’t gone into the depression faster is because of the funny money), currency wars, trade wars, and then real wars. The first great war of the 21st century has begun and it is coming to a city near you. When it comes down to the major issues like the 6 then add the border and drug wars that makes it 8, not a peep from the Tea Party or one should say the billionaire’s tea party.


The billionaires tea party is referred to Charles and David Koch or the Koch Brothers funding the tea party. In the movie clip by Taki Oldham explains it perfectly.


via The Keiser Report from Russia Today Episode 140 "As Gold as Gold"

Their goal is to get government out of the way to have this so called "free market ideology" and run it by their own means with the currency kleptocracy we have. We never had a free market in this country. It has been running by big corporations, banks, pharma, etc. The very few top .1% of the pyramid vs. 99% of the pyramid.

What will all this lead up to? Another Comedy skit! YAYYY!!!!

Top 10 reasons why America is the beautiful.

10. From Eisenhower 2 Obama, Lady Day 2 Lady Gaga, Sinatra 2 Snooki, Cronkite 2 Cooper, Steve Allen 2 Jon Stewart; America’s become a sick joke. -Gerald Celente

his tweet 2nd from the top

Our heads may be bigger, we maybe taller, but we have the dumbest people coming up with draconian and really smart how to kill our grandparents.

From a Previous Article see here

Time for a little harp music!

9. There was an earthquake that was a 6 magnitude in Virginia. But it was not an earthquake, It was our founding fathers rolling over in their graves and banging their caskets so loud no wonder the banging was heard for miles. People still use the bush’s fault excuse when it is everyone at the top is the cause of this global debt crisis. The sad truth no one will ever realize this.

8. Irene should have taken the Jersey Shore cast and twirl them to Kansas! See if there is any beaches NOW??!!! *Does George Carlin fart sounds*

7. Bill Clinton immediately booked a flight to NY yesterday morning on rumors that some chick named Irene is getting wet & wild, and blowing everything in sight !!

6. If the US didn’t have a major dick fear problem, we would not be on Viagra and using condoms and still getting STD’s!

5. New sex drug on the market. Called ‘VIAZAC’. Half Viagra, half Prozac. It’s fantastic, if u don’t get a fuck, u don’t give a fuck! *Does George Carlin fart sounds again*


4. If "Viazac" didn’t help your sex drive, here is a new sex drug and makes you smarter too called "Snagagoki" Half Jersey Shore/Snooki and Half Lady Gaga! It’s fantastic works better if Viazac fails you because it enhances your sex drive faster and makes you smarter and famous! If you can’t get stupid, then you will not transmit stupid!


3. If Paul Krugman from the NY times was an alien today and wanted a war vs. the humans. What do you call an alien who is crying for war? A crying saucer! * Does George Carlin fart sounds*!!!

2. 2nd to last joke here is a good "Education" joke: Anyone who wants the best "Education" in college and especially here with this so called high scores on standardized tests, An average graduate would say "Do you want fries and coke as your meal"?

1. Final reason why America is so beautiful goes to NYC: One day you experience spring day the next day it is winter and bone cold! You can experience 4 seasons in NYC in one day! I survived an earthquake, a hurricane, and a tornado in one week! WELCOME TO FUCKING NYC!!! Mama said knock you out!!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vimZj8HW0Kg&ob=av3e The song from LL Cool J "Mama said knock you out"

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: The Global Debt Crisis a turn for the worse (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE, AND SHARE)

In the last few months, I have been explaining the global debt crisis right here on my profile page and fan pages i administered (Andrew Tiger Lee and fcuk the new world order). It should be Old World Order. Someone gave me the page as New World Order. It is the Old World Order.

The global debt crisis has taken for a turn for the worst and has quicken big time from the European Debt Crisis reigniting already Portugal’s Government has collapsed and it will be a matter of time before a revolution fires up there to a shocking admission by the Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon. The only reason why we haven’t faced the REAL hyperinflation is because the companies were absorbing a lot of the costs. Companies were reporting tight “margin calls” aka absorbing a lot of the higher costs to keep prices like clothes, foods, energy, etc.The company firms admit they were squeezed. This is a simple formula: The more digital money the fed kept prints the higher the costs go.

The national inflation association has reported on this matter see here:

The story I will start is Portugal, just last week their government voted on massive austerity measures last Thursday. That ended up on the way side as it failed and the Prime Minister Jose Socrates officially resigned. Then it will be the usual ugly cycle of a humiliating “bailout“, in which all it does just creates more bubbles and more. The European Union is playing the same fed game flooding the world with cheap currency or digital money. The Portugal government has junk bonds that are worthless like the federal reserve. The EU broke a lot of laws as they created like the Master and the Lisbon Treaties where they are not allowed to buy up bad debts to help nations AND they are not allowed to bailout nations that made bad bets.


Spain, Ireland, Greece, France, and Germany they are all next in line for trouble ahead.

Shift gears let’s talk about the US debt crisis. In the US debt crisis, I can’t figure out to this day how we as a nation that has a Debt to GDP ratio 1400% and we are still alive in this nation.

In Wednesday’s Article regarding about 1400% debt to GDP in regarding to the National Inflation Association response to a Harvard Economics Professor’s article in the toilet paper of record the NY times called “It’s 2026 and the debt is due”. The title, the average individual who is not aware will say “oh that is 15 years from now, why should we worry about it”. But the real aware individual’s standpoint, it will be 1000 times different because he or she will say “It is already happening”! There is so much insurmountable evidence to prove it, the banker bailout or the heist total $28 trillion. The unfunded liabilities over $113 trillion. We are supporting Fannie and Freddie mac with all the house loans. Count in all the wars, unaccounted from the department of defense and more. We are looking at $200 trillion in debt! You can’t refute any damning evidence.

The links see below

The “Mankiw” analysis

My Analysis and NIA’s

Last Saturday, we know there were a quarter million people taking it to the streets in the UK protesting the big austerity measures. Here is this saying from Gerald Celente “When the money stops flowing to main street, the blood starts to flow on the streets”. We are seeing this happening from Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, to Libya, UK, Greece, and others.

The first major victory in the global insurrection against banker occupation GOES to the Netherlands for a BIG online boycott against ING bank that was twittered. The CEO Jan Hommen, ING’s chief executive, was due to receive a £1m bonus or 1 million pounds, that is over $1.5 million. Then the customers at Dutch bank ING threatened to collectively withdraw deposits in protest against bonuses awarded to executives. They were stopped. A bank run. I am asking all facebookers to withdraw all their money from big banks. We don’t negotiate with financial terrorists. The CEO’s don’t serve a bonus in any matter.


It is featured at the 11:40-12:28 marker on the Keiser Report.

4 more headlines, I want to bring this to you, first one investors are fleeing the dollar and going to the Dow 30 stocks or the Dow Jones. The reason why the market is rigged of course is because the Federal Reserve continues to print digital money out of thin air. This is like going from the Lusitania to the Titanic or some other doomed ship.


3rd to final: The jobs data another April fools joke, they said we created 218,000 jobs, but where was the millions of jobs were supposed to be created and drive down the unemployment rate below 7%. *cricket cricket* The REAL unemployment rate is 22% even (shadowstats.com). My stats include the people serving around the world, it will be around 25-28% give or take. The civilian participation rate is still at a 25 year low of 64.2%. Also if you take out the upward biases used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS known as the birth death model. The BLS overestimated a big margin probably by 260k jobs. We lost 40k for the month.


2nd to final headlines: The Hypocrisy look at my statuses from last night

“wow the hypocrisy in front of our eyes! NATO aka the US just killed 40 more people in air strikes! A central bank established by the libyan rebels backed by the US, gee we know how to fuck people! when you are fucking with people, you got to stay in there fuck them good! FUCK THEM ALL THE WAY! FUCK EM UNTIL THE END! FUCK THEM TO DEATH! (3 TIMES) Stay in there (and keep fucking them) until they are all dead!” Another George Carlin featured saying again in my article.

Then another one

“In today’s schools, We teach our kids to be ‘snooki’ stupid, swindle and beat our elders to death, putting a gun at our heads at will, go to college to learn to become a good slave, or if you go to one of the evil triumvirate colleges Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, you get to do all that PLUS bombing brown people! Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Iran you got brown people in your country tell them to watch the fuck out! OR we will got damn bomb them! In my university of ‘REAL LIFE’ or ‘hard knocks’ i have certain rules i live by, my first rule (goes for anyone) i don’t believe anything the government tells me! NOTHING! ZERO! Second Question Authority”

(no racism intended on this post).

With all the sarcasm aside in the things i said with a George Carlin flare

The George Carlin Flare where i got it from:

Here are the things that I said are true:

Libyan Rebels established a new central bank in Libya backed by NATO aka the US


US admits killing Libyan Citizens


The Federal Reserve bailed out European banks and more.

If you want to know who is front running the banks go to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase. Why do you think Ben Bernanke stonewalled Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the video clip. He said “We have given upwards of $2 trillion you have to tell me who got the money. Bernanke said “I won’t tell you”!


Then in 2009 we bailed out Libya? FOR WHAT?


Anyone who supported the Dodd-Frank Financial reform bill it is nothing but more lies and secrecy.

The final headline probably the biggest one “Wal-Mart US CEO To America: “Prepare For Serious Inflation”

According to yesterday’s interview on US today: Bill Simon the Wal Mart CEO said we will face SERIOUS inflation in months. Those are very big words.

In September 2010, Zero Hedge and John Williams stated on the record it will happen between March and June.

In July 2010, I said we are going to face real trouble from the debt bubble and hyperinflation.

According to the article via zero hedge

The world’s largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its low-cost business model will position it better than its competitors.

Still, inflation is “going to be serious,” Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a meeting with USA TODAY’s editorial board. “We’re seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.”

Along with steep increases in raw material costs, John Long, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, says labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers. He predicts prices will start increasing at all retailers in June.

“Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along,” Long says. “Except for fuel costs, U.S. consumers haven’t seen much in the way of inflation for almost a decade, so a broad-based increase in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory.”

First go back to the NIA video posted from earlier about the BLS numbers and inflation earlier. Second of all the cost of living is up on average over 5%. Second, the companies absorbed all the costs.


The solutions: Food Storage at least 6 months i say at least 1 year. (go to e-foods direct website at http://www.efoodsdirect.com/)

Gold, Silver, and some other precious metals will go up.

Swiss Franc is a great play for the long run over the US dollar.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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Tiger Street Journal: The false economic recovery cracks! [Japan and the world economy] (PLEASE REPOST)

Before we can start another article, let’s start off with a George Carlin clip called the American Dream

Carlin summarized this clip every perfectly on why the wall street gang wants you dead.


In the last 2-3 weeks or so we have seen a big cracks in the “false economic recovery” including the BIG SPIKE of oil prices thanking to the global insurrection against banker occupation now spreading to Libya. Now it has spread to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (will be next), and will hit the rest of the world. But here of course in the US the people are so docile and dumbed down to what is going on. The people will tell you the Dow Jones is above 12000 it is a recovery! I will say another George Carlin thing “here we fucking go again”! The equity indexes DO NOT reflect on a economy as a whole. The economic factors like jobless claims, non farm payrolls, housing data, etc are key data BUT THEY ARE biased like the BLS or the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Ben Bernanke. The BLS uses the birth-death model to make the jobs report “look good” and sucker the people into the stock market which is already rigged full of insiders buying off the governments to get laws in their favor!

Here is an example from the Keiser Report yesterday a Blackrock executive on bloomberg said that the markets like totalitarian governments like Communist China’s system and they want change they meant more in the same. Of course blackrock was bailed out with our taxpayer money from the government.


I just love the media tells you we are still in a recovery and the recession ended in 2009! It didn’t it was propped with all of this digital money from the federal reserve!

The latest jobs data they said it was creating 198k jobs but if you take out the upward biases by the BLS we lost over 30k jobs in February that is known as the birth-death model. There is no jobs out there. IT IS ALL GONE!

For the link see here

I also how i love the media will not talk about gold and silver going to the moon because they want to be indentured servitude to the oligarchs and banks. The silver manipulation game is over because we are buying silver left and right and J.P. Morgan will be going to the dumps for good!

Also i love how the federal reserve loves to ponzi scheme America into the ground with $28 trillion missing from the federal reserve. Here it seems the more money you swindle and you are at a top position the safer you may be. Unlike us if we steal, we get thrown into jail. This is a double standard. STOP THE CHARADE. Then the inflation numbers OH YES! The inflation numbers will be released tomorrow and Thursday respectively producer price inflation and consumer price inflation, the inflation numbers are getting cooked by the BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics and Ben Bernanke continue to lie. OF COURSE they are liars! Marc Faber said it when the economic summit was held at Russia! Faber flat out said Ben Bernanke is a liar! He is a liar! The language is always “fed” language that the average people can’t see at all.

For the links see here




Now The Japanese Earthquake happens Friday afternoon at 2:45 pm, 12:45 am Friday morning est/9:45 pm Thursday Pacific time.

Japanese flag

When i was in the newsroom i was confronted with the horror stories of an 8.9 earthquake and the big 20-30 feet tsunami thousands have been killed. The extent of the damage is hard to imagine. No words to describe what happened except devastation! Already the markets are taking a hit today and the last week or so because of the middle east the dollar continues to be in decline, Gold and Silver go up the roof but a temporary breather today. No harm no foul. But $2000 gold is coming to the doorstep! But the one more incredible image was the whirlpool image after the tsunami and earthquake

Tsunami swirls near a port in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture (state) after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, March 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, FOR COMMERCIAL USE ONLY IN NORTH AMERICA Original Filename: Japan Earthquake.JPEG-0cc15.jpg Source: NY daily News

Before the Japan devastation, 2 months ago, S&P credit agency downgraded Japan one notch to AA- from AA, then 1 month later Moody’s credit agency placed Japan as negative outlook! HELLO! According to the link which i will show you from Reuters they are the most indebted industrialized nation with a 200% debt to GDP! Where is the outrage from the Japanese people? What is really bad, is that most of the news media are on this story, i have been on the story about the global debt crisis including Spain, Spain just got recently a credit downgrade from Moody’s gee! The European Union can’t continue to print this digital money not worth a paper! It is the same trick from the Federal Reserve in the US, Bank of Japan, EU, etc! Now the Bank of England Chief Mervyn King warns of another financial crisis soon! Gee do we LOOK LIKE 6 year old kids! They are already facing inflationary collapse and GDP contraction! Their game is over!





Now how will Japan Earthquake will affect them and the world “recovery”?

Like I previously mentioned in the last paragraph I said Japan is teetering with collapse for 3 reasons

1) Debt -200% Debt to GDP

2) More Quantitative Easing Tricks

3) The dumb politicians who don’t really know anything about the real picture of the economic.

So far in the last 2 days after the Earthquake, The markets in Japan lost $750 billion in just 2 days! Over 60 Trillion Yen lost in just 2 days!

The Bank of Japan injected 15 trillion Yen (almost $150 billion) So far they lost 75 trillion yen in 2 days! They plunged 17% in just 2 days, that is the total when the crash of 1987 happened. Then what inject more more in to an already bad mess!

4) They are the second biggest foreign owner of US foreign debt of $882 billion. Oops who is going to get bonds now? Will the Chinese give them more treasury bonds? The answer is definitely a No because they are dumping US treasuries and they don’t have to compete in this currency war aka currency depreciation! The Federal Reserve doesn’t have any “safe” treasury bonds, they are worthless.

The full reasons see the economic collapse blog website




During the overnight hours when the nuke fallout worsen, i saw a big selloff in the Nikkei at one point we were over over 1400 points almost 14%, Hong Kong fell just over a 1000 points before ending down 688. S&P Australian 200 fell 140 plus points to finish down 97. The selling was fast and furious only to get stopped by the federal reserve’s more hot air of sorts with the Dow only down 120 points, we could have seen a 500 plus point drop if the false reports did not happen today. Video on a warning that the Asian markets collapsing.

and some of the charts from yesterday

Nikkei selloff 3/15/11

Australia selloff 3/15/11

Hong Kong Selloff 3/15/11 (ALL IMAGES via CNBC)

What is my opinion on the Japan Nuke Fallout? The answer so far a smokescreen from bigger problems like the global debt crisis. I will not comment on any story regarding the Nuke Fallout until i can get full traction and grasp on it.

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