The "Presidential Reality" Show is set. More fake elections lesser of 2 evils.

So here we go last night, I said on a status last night:

“Breaking News from Dumbfukistan: Mittens Romney to chose his V.P 9 am tomorrow.”

Then this morning:

“News from Dumbfukistan: Mittens Romney choses Paul Ryan. God help us all! Obama Biden won’t save us either! We need Gerald Celente/Max Keiser!”

So here we go Paul Ryan is now Mitt Romney’s Vice President. What do we know about Paul Ryan?

Zero Hedge breaks this down well:

  • Ryan, 42, a rising star among the populist Tea Party movement and fiscal conservatives who dominate the Republican Party, has served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives since first being elected in 1998.
  • Ryan attracted attention when, as chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, offered a controversial plan in January 2010 to reform the tax code and eliminate the federal deficit. The plan relies on tax cuts and would minimize federal spending while drastically overhauling Medicare, the popular government-run health program for the elderly.
  • Romney endorsed that plan during the primaries, and by adding the Wisconsin congressman to the ticket, he makes the document the centerpiece of his run for the White House and raises the possibility that much of the campaign debate will be about spending, deficits and Medicare, rather than job creation.
  • Ryan could help Romney gain ground in his home state of Wisconsin, a battleground state that seems to be leaning toward Obama after a polarizing battle over the unsuccessful recall of the state’s Republican Governor Scott Walker.
  • But because of Ryan’s plan to cut Medicare, Romney also runs the risk of alienating seniors, a group that has narrowly backed Republicans in recent elections.
  • Before being elected to Congress, Ryan was an aide to conservative U.S. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and has worked with U.S. Senator Robert Kasten of Wisconsin. Ryan also worked for former New York congressman and one-time Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp. These experiences make him a creature of Congress – a political body that has become increasingly unpopular among voters in recent years.
  • Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin resident. He grew up in Janesville before attending college at Miami University in Ohio. His father and grandfather died of heart attacks in their 50s, making him mindful of a healthy lifestyle and he exercises frequently.

Now the questions anyone is going to ask What is Paul Ryan’s stance on certain issues like NDAA, the fed, etc.

I can already tell you for a fact, Paul Ryan is no different from Mitt Romney and/or Obama and Biden.

– All are pro-NDAA or pro National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes the indefinite detention of Americans. Makes America a battlefield. Also authorizes war against Iran.

– Speaking of Iran, Paul Ryan supported the Iranian and Libyan Sanctions back in 2001 under Bush. And is supporter of keeping troops in Afghanistan indefinitely like Obama.

-Pro-bailouts, He voted in favor of bailing out now the too big to fall banks. Just like Obama and Romney.

-Goldman Sachs have given a lot of money to Obama and Biden, Romney and Paul too.

-Pro-Fed. Although he voted in favorite of audit of the fed. But when his guy is in office. He will have a change in stance.

Pro-Patriot Act. in this picture below.

Of course Bombs Away Obama is getting $ from big corporations but not as big as his first presidential run in 2008. What is missing? Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. But of course it can be off the books and/or of course Goldman Sachs always brought elections to favor themselves.

Voting for the lesser of 2 evils will not save this country. We need a major revolution and the revolution will not be televised!

2012 Mitt Romney’s Contributors

2008 Obama’s Contributors

Via Open Secrets Website on


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