Tiger Street Journal Comedy Skit 2011 in review. Why it was so good (sarcasm) Part 1 50-26.

A lot of things went so wrong in 2011. There was the Arab Spring revolutions now backed by the west. The illegal Libyan war and the killing of Ghaddafi months later. The “killing” of Osama Bin Laden then the Navy Seal Team 6 were killed. The US debt ceiling theater leading to the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating. The Japanese devastation the earthquake, tsunami resulted in the worse nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. The continuing tensions with Israel and their neighbors like Palestine then Syria. The death of dictators. Goldman Sachs are ruling the world replacing Silvio Berlusconi in Italy with “Three-card” Mario Monti. The new European Central Bank head Mario Draghi was head of the European Division of Goldman Sachs. They move their hubs around! The rare earthquake in the east coast then Hurricane Irene. The MF Global bankruptcy and the whole pressitue media is lockjaw when going after financial fraud. The world near total collapse and my trends in the next article.

Then in the celebrity news front Amy Winehouse died only at 27 years old. Kim Kardashian’s joke marriage at 72 days. The usual snooki stupids running rampant. I don’t have to go any further.

The end of the world my ass with the global earthquake! Now we got to deal with the Mayans prediction of 2012.

The republican presidential show featuring the infidelities of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. Then Newt Gingrinch, then the Rick Perry disease if he can just remember what the **** is he doing or saying!

Time Magazine named the protester as man of the year. YES this is true!

On the lighter side, I was able to get away from all the usual bad news but it was another UP and DOWN year for almost everyone including me. One day or week or maybe 2 weeks i feel okay. Then another 2 weeks later, I feel SO miserable! Although it is true that I did traveled a lot between NY and NJ especially doing the NY-NJ Tiger Sports Swing. 38 days between October and November. I am officially in a relationship for the first time in a while and passing over another Kardashian hump. LOL. In the meantime, it is time for top 50 reasons why this year was so good (saracasm)!

50. Okay. I know I am going to be speaking out on why pop culture is corrupting our minds. This example, I will demonstrate why people are so brainwashed when a 13 year old threatened to kill Santa Claus if he didn’t give her the correct presents. They included a blackberry and the real life Justin Bieber.

Seriously? Sketchy santas! The headline is from the Metro UK newspaper http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/884797-schoolgirl-threatens-to-kill-santa-claus-if-he-doesnt-bring-the-right-presents

Oh jeeze!

In response Macy’s Santa Mail program had to post a warning label saying this:

49. Just in time for the holiday season and why we are getting fatter this year and we are putting the decorations on the trees. Look at this picture MEAT ornaments! I mean really! Do we have to make them out of food now!

48. I think this is widely inappropriate.

I think this is inappropriate don’t you think?

47. Remember Paul Krugman said that we have to bail out the United States because Aliens are coming. What Krugman meant to say is that the Keynesian economics theory that turned out to be completely useless.

This is why our flights  are being delayed this year because of alien activity.

Paul Krugman of the NY times would say that because his Keynesian economics theory failed hard!

46. Back to Christmas garbage, Wal Mart’s new slogan: AHHHHAHHHHHH MY EYES!!! Did you see on the news that a Women came into pepper spray people to cut in front of the line to get an X-box. I mean really! The good news: She now works for the UC Davis Police Department.

45. Back to why I am speaking out on the Consumer culture. Another news story: You know what Nike stores slogan is? MINE MINE MINE!!! AWW MAN did you see on the news, According to MSNBC multiple Nike stores were mobbed because the top of the line Air Jordan Sneakers were on sale. In Richmond, California, a man was arrested for bringing a gun into a Nike Store to get the Air Jordan shoes! Another case they were pepper sprayed! The richmond man now works for the Richmond California police department. Overall America is finished third world status.

Guess who benefits? Too big to fails and China!

44. More reasons why Americans are maxing out their credit cards so they can spend their lives paying something that cost $1250 and they didn’t like it anyways.

In Utah, A man won a Lamborghini in a contest. 6 hours later, he ends up crashing it. He will be selling it because of the high insurance premiums. How sick are we getting in this country! COME ON!!


43. Ok this reason why I am pissed off on why we are not so creative in this country we rip it off from songs like pussycat dolls “Don’t you wish your Girlfriend was hot like me, Don’t Cha?”

fail! Is that the best ad/slogan you can come up with? That is so lame!

42. 2 jokes out of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing adventures. The first at the very beginning of the swing, When I got a ride back by Kim Hirten’s parents back to Manhattan, Christine texted me that the hatchback is going to open. Hold on to your hat!!!! I should have listened to Christine! My Tiger Woods Hat flew off the car, good thing I was able to get it back. I texted her and the whole team was laughing. Christine said this “Tiger you got spunked”!!

41. Fast Forward to the end, Cardozo Girls’ Volleyball or Lady Judges won back to back city volleyball chamionships defeating Francis Lewis Patriots 25-17, 25-13. Before I tell you the joke completely. Stuyvesant Red Vixens were the favorites to win the city and at least give Philip Fisher a nice taste in his mouth to retirement. BUT His team was upsetted by Francis Lewis lady patriots then Dozo took out Susan Wagner and Dozo was the eventual champions back to back as you can see!

The joke: Philip Fisher was owned by the patriot act BUT was overruled by the Judges!!!!That is the full wrap up of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing!!!!!!

Now to the Top 40 here we come

40. Congress just lifted a ban on horse meat. ATL: Now guess what Mcdonalds is going to call it: The Mchorse Sandwich.

39. I think you can read this one yourself:


38. What would If I became president?

See below

On Jay Leno Show yesterday. There is a good fucking idea!!!!!

midway through part 1:

37. Back to the Christmas stuff Part of the Sketchy Santas.

Read this for yourself!! Why America is snooki stupid and gaga’d to death!

36. A Freudian Slip but nonetheless this gets into the epic fails of my headlines

Love him or hate him, The spelling of epic fails!

35. Rick Perry said that God told him to run for president. Here is a response to that:

34. Speaking of the European Debt Crisis now Italy is now another country that could go bust. ATL: I blame the Jersey Shore! I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BAD IDEA!

33. What do we got 8 more dirty jokes why 2011 was good.

The national emblem of America is the Bald Eagle. Forget about that shit! Max Keiser saying “I pledge allegiance to the flag to the bailout nation of America. Please send me a billion and I will salute you every morning. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!”¬† *Does George Carlin Fart sounds* That is the pledge of allegiance of America they say in schools (not literally) but they use that to brain little kiddies with the debt language.

32. Don’t spray the Occupy Wall Street Protesters spray everyone in congress pepper spray!


31. 6 more jokes to the end of part 1?

In our world of the New World Order Research when Time Magazine does there man of the year garbage,

I really love how these politically correct ideas crash and burn in the shithouse. Then just inject more drugs to feed their agenda. And hey that may get you a place in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award. Or should I say Time magazine’s scumbag of the year. Look at everyone from Zionist CIA Darpa program Mark Zuckenberg, Obama, Bernanke. Everyone i see on time magazine is a financial terrorist in someway well except JFK was on time magazine

but he was there for a good cause of course said it for the wrong reasons for beating Nixon. HOW ABOUT having a REAL PRESIDENT FOR A CHANGE!


Then you begin to wonder about the people that on a time magazine, Here is what i think of? Forget Time Magazine. You know what they should be on? A Pin-Up Girl on PLAYBOY magazine! Then “and (you) be like wow look at her “she looks like shes fucking everybody!”

“we have to continously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he'” My friend Ashford Miner. I give a lot of credit with ideas like these.

30. College Student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion this year more than credit card debt. Degrees in worthless. No jobs. All they will be in student loan debt for good! This is a good picture response NO pun intended!

see what i mean?

29. 4 more jokes to end of part 1. This one I will end on relationships then back to politics to set the tone for

As you know Kim Kardashian marriage only lasted for 72 days. The republicans want to go back to 2001. Democrats want to go back to 1996. Someone is going to be fucking disappointed.

28. Speaking of relationships, as you may know I am now almost in 3 months of my relationship. That is passing another hump of the Kardashians. At least my name will not be Chris Humpries or get whacked with a driver by Tiger Woods’ Ex-wife!

27. Newt Gingrich’s pledged that he will no do any adultery. You know how he made a pledge by? Through his crotch. Not looking so good as more affairs were revealed in yesterday’s comedy skit.

26. The US government has stopped counting sheep according to the NY times last month. You know how the government is going to count sheep? The people who believe what a politician said!

That is part 1 part 2 coming up tomorrow!