Tiger Street Journal Comedy Skit 2011 in review. Why it was so good (sarcasm) Part 1 50-26.

A lot of things went so wrong in 2011. There was the Arab Spring revolutions now backed by the west. The illegal Libyan war and the killing of Ghaddafi months later. The “killing” of Osama Bin Laden then the Navy Seal Team 6 were killed. The US debt ceiling theater leading to the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating. The Japanese devastation the earthquake, tsunami resulted in the worse nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. The continuing tensions with Israel and their neighbors like Palestine then Syria. The death of dictators. Goldman Sachs are ruling the world replacing Silvio Berlusconi in Italy with “Three-card” Mario Monti. The new European Central Bank head Mario Draghi was head of the European Division of Goldman Sachs. They move their hubs around! The rare earthquake in the east coast then Hurricane Irene. The MF Global bankruptcy and the whole pressitue media is lockjaw when going after financial fraud. The world near total collapse and my trends in the next article.

Then in the celebrity news front Amy Winehouse died only at 27 years old. Kim Kardashian’s joke marriage at 72 days. The usual snooki stupids running rampant. I don’t have to go any further.

The end of the world my ass with the global earthquake! Now we got to deal with the Mayans prediction of 2012.

The republican presidential show featuring the infidelities of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. Then Newt Gingrinch, then the Rick Perry disease if he can just remember what the **** is he doing or saying!

Time Magazine named the protester as man of the year. YES this is true!

On the lighter side, I was able to get away from all the usual bad news but it was another UP and DOWN year for almost everyone including me. One day or week or maybe 2 weeks i feel okay. Then another 2 weeks later, I feel SO miserable! Although it is true that I did traveled a lot between NY and NJ especially doing the NY-NJ Tiger Sports Swing. 38 days between October and November. I am officially in a relationship for the first time in a while and passing over another Kardashian hump. LOL. In the meantime, it is time for top 50 reasons why this year was so good (saracasm)!

50. Okay. I know I am going to be speaking out on why pop culture is corrupting our minds. This example, I will demonstrate why people are so brainwashed when a 13 year old threatened to kill Santa Claus if he didn’t give her the correct presents. They included a blackberry and the real life Justin Bieber.

Seriously? Sketchy santas! The headline is from the Metro UK newspaper http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/884797-schoolgirl-threatens-to-kill-santa-claus-if-he-doesnt-bring-the-right-presents

Oh jeeze!

In response Macy’s Santa Mail program had to post a warning label saying this:

49. Just in time for the holiday season and why we are getting fatter this year and we are putting the decorations on the trees. Look at this picture MEAT ornaments! I mean really! Do we have to make them out of food now!

48. I think this is widely inappropriate.

I think this is inappropriate don’t you think?

47. Remember Paul Krugman said that we have to bail out the United States because Aliens are coming. What Krugman meant to say is that the Keynesian economics theory that turned out to be completely useless.

This is why our flights  are being delayed this year because of alien activity.

Paul Krugman of the NY times would say that because his Keynesian economics theory failed hard!

46. Back to Christmas garbage, Wal Mart’s new slogan: AHHHHAHHHHHH MY EYES!!! Did you see on the news that a Women came into pepper spray people to cut in front of the line to get an X-box. I mean really! The good news: She now works for the UC Davis Police Department.

45. Back to why I am speaking out on the Consumer culture. Another news story: You know what Nike stores slogan is? MINE MINE MINE!!! AWW MAN did you see on the news, According to MSNBC multiple Nike stores were mobbed because the top of the line Air Jordan Sneakers were on sale. In Richmond, California, a man was arrested for bringing a gun into a Nike Store to get the Air Jordan shoes! Another case they were pepper sprayed! The richmond man now works for the Richmond California police department. Overall America is finished third world status.

Guess who benefits? Too big to fails and China!

44. More reasons why Americans are maxing out their credit cards so they can spend their lives paying something that cost $1250 and they didn’t like it anyways.

In Utah, A man won a Lamborghini in a contest. 6 hours later, he ends up crashing it. He will be selling it because of the high insurance premiums. How sick are we getting in this country! COME ON!!


43. Ok this reason why I am pissed off on why we are not so creative in this country we rip it off from songs like pussycat dolls “Don’t you wish your Girlfriend was hot like me, Don’t Cha?”

fail! Is that the best ad/slogan you can come up with? That is so lame!

42. 2 jokes out of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing adventures. The first at the very beginning of the swing, When I got a ride back by Kim Hirten’s parents back to Manhattan, Christine texted me that the hatchback is going to open. Hold on to your hat!!!! I should have listened to Christine! My Tiger Woods Hat flew off the car, good thing I was able to get it back. I texted her and the whole team was laughing. Christine said this “Tiger you got spunked”!!

41. Fast Forward to the end, Cardozo Girls’ Volleyball or Lady Judges won back to back city volleyball chamionships defeating Francis Lewis Patriots 25-17, 25-13. Before I tell you the joke completely. Stuyvesant Red Vixens were the favorites to win the city and at least give Philip Fisher a nice taste in his mouth to retirement. BUT His team was upsetted by Francis Lewis lady patriots then Dozo took out Susan Wagner and Dozo was the eventual champions back to back as you can see!

The joke: Philip Fisher was owned by the patriot act BUT was overruled by the Judges!!!!That is the full wrap up of the NY-NJ Tiger Swing!!!!!!

Now to the Top 40 here we come

40. Congress just lifted a ban on horse meat. ATL: Now guess what Mcdonalds is going to call it: The Mchorse Sandwich.

39. I think you can read this one yourself:


38. What would If I became president?

See below

On Jay Leno Show yesterday. There is a good fucking idea!!!!!

midway through part 1:

37. Back to the Christmas stuff Part of the Sketchy Santas.

Read this for yourself!! Why America is snooki stupid and gaga’d to death!

36. A Freudian Slip but nonetheless this gets into the epic fails of my headlines

Love him or hate him, The spelling of epic fails!

35. Rick Perry said that God told him to run for president. Here is a response to that:

34. Speaking of the European Debt Crisis now Italy is now another country that could go bust. ATL: I blame the Jersey Shore! I TOLD YOU IT WAS A BAD IDEA!

33. What do we got 8 more dirty jokes why 2011 was good.

The national emblem of America is the Bald Eagle. Forget about that shit! Max Keiser saying “I pledge allegiance to the flag to the bailout nation of America. Please send me a billion and I will salute you every morning. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!”  *Does George Carlin Fart sounds* That is the pledge of allegiance of America they say in schools (not literally) but they use that to brain little kiddies with the debt language.

32. Don’t spray the Occupy Wall Street Protesters spray everyone in congress pepper spray!


31. 6 more jokes to the end of part 1?

In our world of the New World Order Research when Time Magazine does there man of the year garbage,

I really love how these politically correct ideas crash and burn in the shithouse. Then just inject more drugs to feed their agenda. And hey that may get you a place in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award. Or should I say Time magazine’s scumbag of the year. Look at everyone from Zionist CIA Darpa program Mark Zuckenberg, Obama, Bernanke. Everyone i see on time magazine is a financial terrorist in someway well except JFK was on time magazine

but he was there for a good cause of course said it for the wrong reasons for beating Nixon. HOW ABOUT having a REAL PRESIDENT FOR A CHANGE!


Then you begin to wonder about the people that on a time magazine, Here is what i think of? Forget Time Magazine. You know what they should be on? A Pin-Up Girl on PLAYBOY magazine! Then “and (you) be like wow look at her “she looks like shes fucking everybody!”

“we have to continously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he'” My friend Ashford Miner. I give a lot of credit with ideas like these.

30. College Student loan debt will exceed $1 trillion this year more than credit card debt. Degrees in worthless. No jobs. All they will be in student loan debt for good! This is a good picture response NO pun intended!

see what i mean?

29. 4 more jokes to end of part 1. This one I will end on relationships then back to politics to set the tone for

As you know Kim Kardashian marriage only lasted for 72 days. The republicans want to go back to 2001. Democrats want to go back to 1996. Someone is going to be fucking disappointed.

28. Speaking of relationships, as you may know I am now almost in 3 months of my relationship. That is passing another hump of the Kardashians. At least my name will not be Chris Humpries or get whacked with a driver by Tiger Woods’ Ex-wife!

27. Newt Gingrich’s pledged that he will no do any adultery. You know how he made a pledge by? Through his crotch. Not looking so good as more affairs were revealed in yesterday’s comedy skit.

26. The US government has stopped counting sheep according to the NY times last month. You know how the government is going to count sheep? The people who believe what a politician said!

That is part 1 part 2 coming up tomorrow!


Tiger Street Journal: The Osama Bin Laden aka "Tim Osman" Distraction: NOT being discussed in the MSM (PLEASE REPOST)

Editor’s Note: This was written Tuesday May 3, 2011 at 4:15 pm on my facebook profile page first.

While The Osama Bin Laden Distraction is all over the dumbstream media, I found a lot of news stories that are going on around the world including Africa unrest and they are going down, the dollar collapse, and the impending World War III.

I have been on the attack over the last 24 hours to tell you the Osama Bin Laden Story is a distraction because The Media has said Osama Bin Laden was dead on Sunday WHEN they said He was dead in 2001 and 2007. 2001 and 2007? What you kill him twice then revived him 2 times? How do you do that? Who knows? But I do know this His Real Name is Tim Osman. He was a CIA asset in the 1980’s in the cold war against Russia and Al-Qaeda is a front man for the military industrial complex note from the CIA! Most of the images Hollywood and the White House too most likely did photoshopped this! The British Newspapers like Times Online, BBC, Telegraph, and some others were picking up on this! What is really insane is that the picture was used from a Spanish Politician and of course ALL the videos were faked!

Then 9 times, Various Intel Agencies reported he is dead. He is dead.

The proof see here








The question that is on my mind, Why did you buried Tim Osman’s Body at Sea? Where are the pictures? For the people who say like my mom, If you were not there you have no opinion on this? WHERE THE LOGIC IN THAT? Seriously?

Video from Justin Primm explains it all

I will give an example, Were the Journalists reporting the story in the Iraq War?


Was the report biased? YES!

Was the Saddam Statue really toppled? NO! It was co-opted!

Then now the trillion dollar question: Did we pull out after the so called "mission accomplished"? NO!

More Soliders killed, 1 million dead iraqis! You feel better now?

Now to the fake images of Osama Bin Laden more of the photoshopped stuff from the elite!

from the UK Daily Mail

from the london guardian

Now the White House is backing off the official story should we say fairytale!

What will happen next? The same vicious cycle more staged terror attacks, and more of your civil liberties taken away. Obama will need another 9-11 or Oklahoma City to Spike his ratings as Robert Shapiro a former Clinton Official stated on the record from the Financial Times last summer.

When the CIA killed Che Guevara "The Terrorist" they performed and photographed an autopsy. Why didn’t they do this for Osama Bin Laden?

What is a distraction from?

As a Cuban TV state media said it "’distract attention’ from the international military intervention in Libya". Yeah all the people we are killing. Remember NATO=US mostly! And killing Gaddafi’s Son will speak a lot of outrage! Don’t you think the Libyans want to bomb back! It is all about the sweet crude oil the most valuable on the planet and gold too! Gerald Celente will say that too!

Video see here

This will be a precursor to World War III!

Now to the Global Debt Crisis:

Dollar Collapse

The Dollar Collapse coming

Now to the Dollar Collapse coming. As I am looking at the dollar right now it is at 73.07 meaning i can buy anything that is a dollar only $.73 of stuff well that is not going to buy you gas at all!

I am watching Europe, UK, and US very closely as government defaults are likely to happen soon. I am looking at the US debt clock right now. if they didn’t get the US public debt limit in, We will be in trouble. MORE like We are in really BIG trouble with the US total debt in real time is over $200 trillion. The US public debt is now $14.268 trillion (last updated at 12:10 pm 5-7-11 $14.276 trillion)

Now the Federal Reserve is going to take pension funds from federal employees to fund the US government if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling. Well it may not matter anyways because of the $200 trillion debt.

According to Market Watch website "Treasury said it would borrow money from federal employee pension funds on May 16 if there is no congressional action by then".

Doesn’t matter at all!

This reminds me of George Carlin on the famous clip on "Who Really Controls America". G.C. said "And now they are coming for your social security, they want their fucking retirement money, they want it back. So this way they can give it to their criminal friends on wall street". They will do it!

Video see here

A lot of people on food stamps over 44 million Americans!

Now CNBC is reporting we are in Stagflation again High Inflation, low growth. And who would report that a narcissist Larry Kudlow no creditability like the rest of the crew on CNBC. 1.8% GDP growth. Really 1.8% sounds like -7.0% contraction. Thanks to the fed printing more money and their criminal friends swindling the people to fund their holocausts. This has been the threat to our freedom since 1800’s!

Now an independent credit rating agency has put the US at fair rating as in C rating equivalent to a BBB rating to three major credit agencies S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch. That is lower than Estonia, and Mexico. Well Estonia joining the Euro, I will give them a D rating or junk rating with an F!

Link see here



Now confirmation of Gerald Celente’s Trends crime-wave 2011 and that is happening already. One Case already the serial killer in Long Island 10 sets of human remains. We may see something like this. Not to mention unemployment at 22% overall (not 8.9% unemployment). Worse Teen Unemployment will go to 25-27 percent according to Northeastern University in Boston. Most of them are going to college BUT ARE THEY really going to get a degree into a great career while paying off the student debt and/or the usual debts!

Links see here:




Final Topic: Nations falling prey to the old world order

The first basic ideas this year all revolutions in the Middle East and African countries were all triggered by severely high food and energy prices.

This is no different at all.

Kenya (supposedly Obama’s Birthplace): They are facing a massive cash storage, now fuel shortage with high food and energy prices = A ticking time-bomb waiting to happen!

Links see here




Now all eyes on Uganda as a Strike will be on tomorrow Wednesday as we speak according to the Daily Monitor to protest on a big government crackdown and high inflation all around. Already student protests shutters an university. Gerald Celente: Students and youths of the world unite 2011.

Links see here





Solutions: Buy Silver and Gold now. Small Pullback right now. BUT THEY WILL BE off to the races as the dollar currency crash is coming!

Buy food!

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)

Tiger Street Journal: Global Debt Crisis Series: Old World Order Severe Quickening Syria and Uganda unrest (PLEASE REPOST)

Articles on the Global Debt Crisis Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 Comedy Skit

The last time I wrote a very critical piece on the Global Debt Crisis article with a little humor before my comedy skit was when the S&P credit rating agency downgraded the US into a "Negative" outlook continuation and the Dollar under attack. I included Bernanke as a Pin-Up Girl on a playboy magazine. God it is awful if you put it on there because you would see Bernanke with a lot of hair on her legs (remember in my comedy skit Forget Time Magazine’s influential person of the year award. You know what Bernanke were ought to be on A pin up girl on a playboy magazine "we have to continuously refer to Illuminati men as ‘she’ and Illuminati women as ‘he’" as my friend Ashford Miner told me.

Shifting gears, now you know this week I have to say; this was probably one of the most * plays the George Carlin P***Y Farts sounds from the 2005 show: "Life Is Worth Losing"*, When you play the clip from Youtube from 0:55 to 1:10, the loud fart sounds telling you how bad this week turned out! EVEN though I was at Ron Paul Booksigning in NYC for the new book Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom Monday as you see in these pictures


ME and GiGi Bowman! =)

Tuesday I was on break all day in Coney Island Beach.

Wednesday: Jersey City, NJ.

Thursday and Friday "Normal" Operation until now.

My album on Ron Paul day see here on my facebook profile


The Video Clip From George Carlin’s Show "Life Is Worth Losing" in 2005 see here 

From Obama’s Birth Certificate, The Criminal Federal Reserve "transparency" meeting, Dollar Collapsing to now Uganda falling to the Grasp of the Old World Order Domino Effect and Syria too.

Here is my take on the Obama Birth Certificate:

3 things that stands out:

1) This is a distraction from the REAL problems like the Debt Bubble that will burst in 10 or 11 days or less from the US public debt point of view. If that was not on the US debt clock now, we would not be talking on this now. In fact, We would have seen a total collapse.

2) The Birth Certificate in the Picture is NOT REAL. I will prove it with my flawless logic! But Let’s say it did for people who rollover on command after seeing it on the news. If it was real, then what about his presidency so far in review? Has he done anything to jail the bankers? End all wars? Stop the criminal federal reserve? What about the people on his staff? What about the new Obama healthcare legislation? Hmmmm, It doesn’t look too good. He has expanded all wars including Afghanistan, now Pakistan with Predator Drones, we are still in Iraq with contractors, Now we are in Libya. It is not a humanitarian crisis. It is all about Sweet Crude Oil the most valuable on the planet as Gerald Celente points out.

Link see here

3) The race card SPLC, ADL will protect him at all costs.

Now let’s prove the Birth Certificate as a fraud WITH LOGIC!

In 2008, the pictures I will post on this article NPR has admitted that Obama was born from Kenya as He was running for president.

Photos see here and the Article to prove it

and the article from world net daily


The things that disgust me the most when i looked at the birth certificate, It was "Certified" on April 25, 2011. That was Monday the same day I was at Ron Paul day in NYC.

Second: There is no embossed stamp. An embossed stamp as in someone stamps the institution from the hospital on documents like birth certificate like you and me has or you paying for college into a degree of worthlessness.

THIS IS an embossed stamp!

Third do you see the number of the 1 It is probably the original number but the numbers from the "61 1064" It is deliberately either photoshopped by some expert or cut and paste from some document from another birth certificate and THEN COPIED IT. We are not sure. But as you see the picture with my Friend Thomas Barrett thank you for letting me use this as evidence and thank you Suzanne Mchenry too for helping me. Here is the White House link and picture


You can see the circle areas where the forgery spots are indicated it.

Full article on this


The thing I said it well on facebook was Obama’s Birth Certificate is just as authentic as the economic (make that stock market), obamacare, his staff, and everyone else! MEANING IT IS FAKE! *Does more of the Fart Sound*

Then another distraction the royal wedding!

What is also really bad is that the date coincided with the Hitler wedding anniversary!


Another pop and circumstance dumb down the public! IT IS SICKENING!

Now let’s get into the hardcore news:

The Feds first "transparency" meeting: What it just did was created another bubble as i pointed it out for months called the Dow Bubble, besides the "Fiat" Bubble, Debt Bubble, Derivatives bubble, etc.  Fiat is broken down to the "dollar" bubble. As I pointed it out there will be a day of reckoning for the investors and traders on Wall Street because all of them are flight to the Dow 30 stocks. Which I called it the biggest mistake as Art Cashin mentioned on CNBC a flight to the Dow but NOT a mistake. I know it is because you own a stock but will it be worth in value when the dollar crashes?

Gold at all time highs now at $1557. Gold will go to $2000 easily!

Silver at $48.58. $50 not too far off the mark.

Both Gold and Silver were up at least 4% for the week. Silver the winner up over 10%!

Now to Syria and Uganda falling to the Old World Order.

Now Syria has been a few weeks older than Uganda BUT nonetheless still falling to the old world order. It was triggered after 40 years of lifting Emergency Draconian Laws these protests. But of course the US does back up dictators around the world. Then last week 13 people were killed after Syrian Troops fired on funerals.

The hypocrisy could not be any clear as the US claimed Iran provided control crowds equipment to Syria which is not true when the US supplied them to the Mubarak Regime.

Also we got to consider high food and energy prices that is driving the protests around the world.

That is no different now in Uganda in East Africa. 2 weeks into the protests, It has turned violent as the protests were triggered by skyrocketing food and energy prices.2 killed, more than 120 wounded and around 360 arrested. Women and girls have been among those beaten, according to witnesses from the London Guardian.

One may ask "Who or what caused this to happen?"

The answer is the federal reserve and Quantitative Easing 2. But you will ask why? First everything is priced in US dollars. You know food, oil, etc. In foreign countries if you want to trade anything you have to exchange it from your currency TO OUR CURRENCY!

Second Quantitative Easing 2 or i call it money printing triggered the fall of Mubarak or Egyptian Revolution from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen. Now it has spread to Vietnam, Nicaragua, Ukraine, UK, Greece, parts of the US. Now add them to the list! QE2 only boosted up stock prices, pushed the dollar to the official point of no return. BUT DOESN’T address employment, debt, etc.

As i have been pointing it out months, This will drag now to the "1st Great War of the 21st Century" as Gerald Celente said it OR WW III from my standpoint.

Live updates on the Uganda Unrest see here


Where is the US coverage on this?

No media coverage = No oil.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

Go into gold and silver cheap while you can! ALSO FOOD STORAGE!!! Ammo as well!

That is your article update, if you can’t enough of my article follow me at Andrew Tiger Lee (profile and fan pages),  Fcuk The New World Order, Goldman Sachs are Financial Terrorists 2nd edition, and www.minuteone.us fan pages. Also i am avaliable on project.nsearch.com/profile/AndrewTiger.  Until then bye all! =)

Gerald Celente Loses It – When This Man Acts Like This It Means – WAKE UP!!!!

Judge Napolitano : War without a Goal


Tiger Street Journal: The Global Debt Crisis a turn for the worse (PLEASE REPOST, REWRITE, AND SHARE)

In the last few months, I have been explaining the global debt crisis right here on my profile page and fan pages i administered (Andrew Tiger Lee and fcuk the new world order). It should be Old World Order. Someone gave me the page as New World Order. It is the Old World Order.

The global debt crisis has taken for a turn for the worst and has quicken big time from the European Debt Crisis reigniting already Portugal’s Government has collapsed and it will be a matter of time before a revolution fires up there to a shocking admission by the Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon. The only reason why we haven’t faced the REAL hyperinflation is because the companies were absorbing a lot of the costs. Companies were reporting tight “margin calls” aka absorbing a lot of the higher costs to keep prices like clothes, foods, energy, etc.The company firms admit they were squeezed. This is a simple formula: The more digital money the fed kept prints the higher the costs go.

The national inflation association has reported on this matter see here:

The story I will start is Portugal, just last week their government voted on massive austerity measures last Thursday. That ended up on the way side as it failed and the Prime Minister Jose Socrates officially resigned. Then it will be the usual ugly cycle of a humiliating “bailout“, in which all it does just creates more bubbles and more. The European Union is playing the same fed game flooding the world with cheap currency or digital money. The Portugal government has junk bonds that are worthless like the federal reserve. The EU broke a lot of laws as they created like the Master and the Lisbon Treaties where they are not allowed to buy up bad debts to help nations AND they are not allowed to bailout nations that made bad bets.


Spain, Ireland, Greece, France, and Germany they are all next in line for trouble ahead.

Shift gears let’s talk about the US debt crisis. In the US debt crisis, I can’t figure out to this day how we as a nation that has a Debt to GDP ratio 1400% and we are still alive in this nation.

In Wednesday’s Article regarding about 1400% debt to GDP in regarding to the National Inflation Association response to a Harvard Economics Professor’s article in the toilet paper of record the NY times called “It’s 2026 and the debt is due”. The title, the average individual who is not aware will say “oh that is 15 years from now, why should we worry about it”. But the real aware individual’s standpoint, it will be 1000 times different because he or she will say “It is already happening”! There is so much insurmountable evidence to prove it, the banker bailout or the heist total $28 trillion. The unfunded liabilities over $113 trillion. We are supporting Fannie and Freddie mac with all the house loans. Count in all the wars, unaccounted from the department of defense and more. We are looking at $200 trillion in debt! You can’t refute any damning evidence.

The links see below

The “Mankiw” analysis

My Analysis and NIA’s

Last Saturday, we know there were a quarter million people taking it to the streets in the UK protesting the big austerity measures. Here is this saying from Gerald Celente “When the money stops flowing to main street, the blood starts to flow on the streets”. We are seeing this happening from Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, to Libya, UK, Greece, and others.

The first major victory in the global insurrection against banker occupation GOES to the Netherlands for a BIG online boycott against ING bank that was twittered. The CEO Jan Hommen, ING’s chief executive, was due to receive a £1m bonus or 1 million pounds, that is over $1.5 million. Then the customers at Dutch bank ING threatened to collectively withdraw deposits in protest against bonuses awarded to executives. They were stopped. A bank run. I am asking all facebookers to withdraw all their money from big banks. We don’t negotiate with financial terrorists. The CEO’s don’t serve a bonus in any matter.


It is featured at the 11:40-12:28 marker on the Keiser Report.

4 more headlines, I want to bring this to you, first one investors are fleeing the dollar and going to the Dow 30 stocks or the Dow Jones. The reason why the market is rigged of course is because the Federal Reserve continues to print digital money out of thin air. This is like going from the Lusitania to the Titanic or some other doomed ship.


3rd to final: The jobs data another April fools joke, they said we created 218,000 jobs, but where was the millions of jobs were supposed to be created and drive down the unemployment rate below 7%. *cricket cricket* The REAL unemployment rate is 22% even (shadowstats.com). My stats include the people serving around the world, it will be around 25-28% give or take. The civilian participation rate is still at a 25 year low of 64.2%. Also if you take out the upward biases used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS known as the birth death model. The BLS overestimated a big margin probably by 260k jobs. We lost 40k for the month.


2nd to final headlines: The Hypocrisy look at my statuses from last night

“wow the hypocrisy in front of our eyes! NATO aka the US just killed 40 more people in air strikes! A central bank established by the libyan rebels backed by the US, gee we know how to fuck people! when you are fucking with people, you got to stay in there fuck them good! FUCK THEM ALL THE WAY! FUCK EM UNTIL THE END! FUCK THEM TO DEATH! (3 TIMES) Stay in there (and keep fucking them) until they are all dead!” Another George Carlin featured saying again in my article.

Then another one

“In today’s schools, We teach our kids to be ‘snooki’ stupid, swindle and beat our elders to death, putting a gun at our heads at will, go to college to learn to become a good slave, or if you go to one of the evil triumvirate colleges Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, you get to do all that PLUS bombing brown people! Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Iran you got brown people in your country tell them to watch the fuck out! OR we will got damn bomb them! In my university of ‘REAL LIFE’ or ‘hard knocks’ i have certain rules i live by, my first rule (goes for anyone) i don’t believe anything the government tells me! NOTHING! ZERO! Second Question Authority”

(no racism intended on this post).

With all the sarcasm aside in the things i said with a George Carlin flare

The George Carlin Flare where i got it from:

Here are the things that I said are true:

Libyan Rebels established a new central bank in Libya backed by NATO aka the US


US admits killing Libyan Citizens


The Federal Reserve bailed out European banks and more.

If you want to know who is front running the banks go to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase. Why do you think Ben Bernanke stonewalled Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the video clip. He said “We have given upwards of $2 trillion you have to tell me who got the money. Bernanke said “I won’t tell you”!


Then in 2009 we bailed out Libya? FOR WHAT?


Anyone who supported the Dodd-Frank Financial reform bill it is nothing but more lies and secrecy.

The final headline probably the biggest one “Wal-Mart US CEO To America: “Prepare For Serious Inflation”

According to yesterday’s interview on US today: Bill Simon the Wal Mart CEO said we will face SERIOUS inflation in months. Those are very big words.

In September 2010, Zero Hedge and John Williams stated on the record it will happen between March and June.

In July 2010, I said we are going to face real trouble from the debt bubble and hyperinflation.

According to the article via zero hedge

The world’s largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its low-cost business model will position it better than its competitors.

Still, inflation is “going to be serious,” Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a meeting with USA TODAY’s editorial board. “We’re seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.”

Along with steep increases in raw material costs, John Long, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, says labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers. He predicts prices will start increasing at all retailers in June.

“Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along,” Long says. “Except for fuel costs, U.S. consumers haven’t seen much in the way of inflation for almost a decade, so a broad-based increase in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory.”

First go back to the NIA video posted from earlier about the BLS numbers and inflation earlier. Second of all the cost of living is up on average over 5%. Second, the companies absorbed all the costs.


The solutions: Food Storage at least 6 months i say at least 1 year. (go to e-foods direct website at http://www.efoodsdirect.com/)

Gold, Silver, and some other precious metals will go up.

Swiss Franc is a great play for the long run over the US dollar.

This is the quickening of the old world order as we know it.

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